Top 10 most-read articles in semiconductors 2022

Staff reporter Monday 
The following 10 most-read articles in semiconductors 2022 provide the best semiconductor industry outlook for the year. The US-China competition in semiconductors heightened after US president Joe Biden signed CHIPS Act into law on August 9, 2022. Geopolitical tension is reshaping the world landscape of semiconductor supply chains. How China plans to achieve chip self-sufficiency always steals the limelight.
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India's Vedanta to make 28-65nm semiconductor chips for local demand

Indian natural resources conglomerate Vedanta will invest in manufacturing 28nm to 65nm semiconductor chips because this is the range for which it sees local demand.

Taiwan OSATs quietly ramp up support for Chinese customers

Taiwan-based OSATs with manufacturing sites in China, such as King Yuan Electronics (KYEC) and ASE Group, have quietly ramped up their capacity supports for China-based clients including HiSilicon, Oppo, and Unisoc, according to industry sources.

Who's in control of SMIC technology advances?

A TechInsight report disclosed in July 2022 that Semiconductor Manufacturing International (SMIC) had been shipping 7nm chips made with 14nm equipment for the MinerVa Bitcoin Miner SoC for a year.

TSMC 7nm process capacity utilization falling rapidly

Capacity utilization rates for TSMC's 7nm process platform and its process variants N6, N7 have fallen below 50%, according to industry sources.

More ban on semiconductor equipment to China accelerating tech decoupling

The US government has started to expand the ban on semiconductor equipment exports to China to include equipment under 14nm processing nodes and memory manufacturing tools in August.

Orders for Taiwan equipment soar from China

The ongoing and escalating trade tensions between the US and China, and China's push for IC self-sufficiency, have made Taiwan-based semiconductor equipment makers among the largest beneficiaries, according to industry sources.

Huawei confirms breakthrough in EUV lithography process optimization

Huawei has confirmed in a posting on its website reports about its breakthrough in making a light source component used in EUV lithography systems which are required for making high-end processors on sub-10 nm nodes.

If Apple starts buying YMTC chips, Samsung, SK Hynix's good days may be numbered

According to BusinessKorea reports, for the first time, Apple is buying 3D NAND memory chips from China's YMTC, making it a supplier of components for iPhone 14, which was just launched in its Far Out Event on September 7.

China gearing up to mass purchase IC equipment and materials

Chinese semiconductor firms are moving at full throttle to purchase as many semiconductor equipment and materials as possible from abroad as the US is expected to take tougher measures against the China semiconductor industry.

Shang-Yi Chiang says he will never return to work in China

TSMC's former R&D heavyweight Shang-Yi Chiang unexpectedly appeared at the recent annual Hon Hai Tech Day (HHTD) and participated in three forums, sparking speculation about whether he may assist Hon Hai Technology (Foxconn) in semiconductor development.