Friday 13 March 2009
MID shipments to rise nearly eightfold by 2012, says iSuppli
The definition of the mobile Internet device (MID) may be somewhat nebulous, given the category overlaps multiple products, ranging from some ultra-mobile PCs (UMPCs) to certain portable...
Friday 26 December 2008
WinHEC 2008: Inventec KJS S32 UMPC awarded for connectivity
The Kohjinsha (KJS) S32 UMPC, developed by Inventec, has won a WinHEC 2008 award in the Internet category because of its connectivity integration. The 7-inch device supports 3.5G,...
Wednesday 3 December 2008
Hynix announces development of 2Gb mobile DRAM
Hynix Semiconductor has announced the development of 2Gb mobile DRAM chips using 54nm process technology.
Tuesday 29 July 2008
Makers to support China's CMMB mobile TV standard on Intel MID/UMPC platform
Intel will support the development of China's mobile TV standard CMMB (China mobile multimedia broadcasting) by supporting MID (mobile Internet device) and UMPC (ultra mobile PC)...
Monday 16 June 2008
HTC to revamp UMPC strategy amid rise of Eee PC
The increasing popularity of Asustek Computer's Eee PC has resulted in a significant impact on the development of UMPCs (ultra mobile PCs), which may force High Tech Computer (HTC)...
Thursday 29 May 2008
Computex 2008: CyberTAN to showcase built-in WiMAX modules for UMPCs and MIDs
CyberTAN Technology plans to showcase a series of WiMAX products, including built-in WiMAX modules for UMPCs (ultra-mobile PCs) and MIDs (mobile Internet devices), at Computex Taipei...