Friday 27 November 2020
NCKU team develops digital imaging solutions in liver pathology leveraging AI technology
The pathologist, specialized in looking at tissue or pathological sections through a microscope, is to make a definitive cancer diagnosis and may also work with physicians or other...
Friday 27 November 2020
Pulxion's PulStroke device provides an early detection before stroke
Stroke is one of leading causes of death worldwide. Ischemic stroke, caused by the blockage in arteries that supply blood to the brain, is one of the two major types of stroke accounting...
Thursday 26 November 2020
AI-based earlier medicine development leveraging TWCC HPC to aid cancer prediction research
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is shaping the future of global medical industries. The practice of medicine is changing with the development of AI methods of machine learning. As the...
Wednesday 25 November 2020
MESOPHDIO breaking down the bottleneck of cancer cells recognition by artificial intelligence technology
The changing landscape of digital medical imaging solutions is enabled by artificial intelligence (AI) technology. And the new challenges in the fast changing development of Bioinformatics,...
Tuesday 24 November 2020
TWCC high-performance computing services boosting Taiwan seismological research
Taiwan is located in Circum-Pacific Belt and has been suffering from frequent earthquakes. The damage caused by large earthquakes is devastating and therefore, seismological study...