Friday 27 October 2023
Smart poles: 5G's vision for solving urban traffic woes
The development of smart poles on a global scale is still in its infancy, with potential business opportunities projected to reach a staggering US$120 billion in the coming decade...
Thursday 15 November 2018
Smart transportation enabled by synchronized automatic traffic light control, says THI Consultants
Traffic lights along main roads can be synchronized by automatic control based on real-time conditions to ease traffic flows, accordig to Jessica Lin, president for intelligent transportation...
Wednesday 16 December 2009
Global LED market reach US$7.4 billion in 2009, says iSuppli
The 2009 holiday season has turned into the coming-out party for the use of LEDs for general illumination, paving the way for double-digit sales growth in 2009 and a near doubling...
Tuesday 23 June 2009
Leotek receives LED streetlamp orders from China
Leotek Electronics, a subsidiary of Lite-On Technology, has reportedly received LED streetlamp orders from China, and is estimated to start shipments in the third quarter of 2009,...
Wednesday 29 April 2009
Bright LED wins open bids worth NT$400 million
Taiwan-based LED packaging house Bright LED Electronics has so far in 2009 won several open bids to procure LED traffic lights and displays for public construction projects in Taiwan,...
Wednesday 17 December 2008
Taiwan market: Government moves to promote LED lighting
The Taiwan government is encouraging its offices to replace traditional lighting fixtures with LED ones in order to save energy, while transportation authorities also have plans to...