Monday 19 December 2022
Moongate powers Taipei Blockchain Week with NFT-gated ticketing
Despite the recent fallout in the crypto industry and some of the negative connotations derived from speculations on non-fungible tokens (NFT), entrepreneurs and developers of the...
Thursday 15 December 2022
Ford partners with quantum computing startup for battery research
Quantum researchers at Ford Motor have released the results of a new study that modeled EV battery materials using quantum computers. The study was conducted in collaboration with...
Thursday 15 December 2022
EV creates opportunities for innovation
On the EV Summit held in Oxford, UK this month, industry leaders including head of Polestar UK, CEO of Ford UK, director of Autotrader UK, and head from BP, etc., have shown firm...
Thursday 15 December 2022
Downtime is the best time to invest for the future, say Tech Summit experts
Although uncertainties such as inflation and economic recession linger over the near-term prospects, this is just the right time for investing in next-generation technology and capturing...
Wednesday 14 December 2022
Fragmented charging solution sector creates choice paralysis for EV drivers
At one of the panel talks at the EV Summit held on Dec 12 in Oxford, UK, Anthony Eskinazi, founder and CEO of parking app Justpark, addressed the proliferation of parking and charging...
Monday 12 December 2022
Canadian startup MOC Biotechnologies revolutionizes drug discovery through bioprinting
Canadian startup MOC Biotechnologies has recently made its way into the Canadian finals of the Entrepreneurship World Cup. Founded in 2019, the startup develops a Magical Organ Cloner...
Monday 12 December 2022
China-based unicorn Nanjing SemiDrive Technology finishes Series B+ financing
Nanjing SemiDrive Technology (SemiDrive), a China-based unicorn specialized in automotive SoC design, completed Series B+ financing round in late November 2022, raising CNY1.0 billion...
Friday 9 December 2022
Alliance between Mayfield and Silicon Catalyst provides semiconductor startups fuel in VC winter
Semiconductor startups are having an easier time raising funds amid the venture capital winter, as there are signs of a renaissance of silicon, a trend that has accelerated in the...
Thursday 8 December 2022
Xiaomi invests in HuiXi autonomous driving chip company
Multiple Chinese media reported on Dec 6 that the China-based AI startup Hefei HuiXi Intelligence has received investment from HanXing Venture Capital – a wholly-owned subsidiary...
Thursday 8 December 2022
UnaBiz raises US$25 million in B+ round financing
UnaBiz, the massive Internet of Things (IoT) solution provider, announced on December 8 that it has completed its B+ financing round led by Japan's Sparx Group, and other investors...
Friday 2 December 2022
Profet AI takes bridgehead in Japan, focusing on automotives and manufacturing
Profet AI, a manufacturing AI application provider, has announced that it has been selected as one of the 17 international startups to participate in the Aichi landing pad program...
Friday 2 December 2022
After taking on Facebook, Vietnam startup is setting its sights on the world
A Vietnamese Internet startup that's successfully defended its home market of 100 million people against global giants like Facebook is now going into attack mode.
Thursday 1 December 2022
Strengthening industry-academia collaboration to make use of business opportunities on smart technology and innovative materials
Digital technologies are considered to be an important driver of social development. With emerging technology-driven smart systems such as AI, 5G Internet of Things (5G IoT) and various...
Monday 28 November 2022
Taipei Entrepreneurs Hub's Demo Day 2.0 focuses on new business opportunities in blockchain, ESG, and Web3
The Taipei City government is committed to promoting the "International Startup Soft-Landing Program" and the Demo Day 2.0 was held on November 18, 2022 by the Taipei Entrepreneurs...
Monday 28 November 2022
Cryptocurrency relates geopolitical bipolarity, seeking regulatory transparency
The largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, Binance, withdrew its helping hand for FTX's liquidity crisis earlier this month, citing results of due diligence. At the NATEA US-Taiwan...