Monday 8 April 2024
Urban air mobility ready for takeoff but huge infrastructure challenges remain
UAM is poised to revolutionize transportation.
Wednesday 3 April 2024
Volocopter poised to make history with electric air taxis in Paris
As the world's attention turns to Paris for the 2024 Summer Olympics, Volocopter, a German aviation company, is gearing up to make history by launching their electric air taxi service...
Monday 15 January 2024
AI cameras and boxes to drive smart road development, says DIGITIMES Research
AI network cameras (IP cameras) and edge computing devices such as AI boxes will play a crucial role in smart road scenarios, DIGITIMES Research says.
Wednesday 8 November 2023
Taiwan ICT prowess bolsters exports of smart mobility and city solutions
As the world grapples with environmental, economic, and geopolitical challenges, the development of smart transportation, smart city, and even smart town technology solutions has...
Tuesday 20 September 2022
Realizing vision of smart transportation with AWS: How Metropia makes Taiwan's MaaS smarter
MaaS (Mobility-as-a-Service), which combines cloud computing, AI, big data, and other technologies, is regarded by national governments and businesses as necessary for realizing a...
Wednesday 31 August 2022
Taiwan steps up efforts for V2X security
With the rising trend of V2X, the Taiwan Telematics Industry Association (TTIA) has founded a team to set the information and communication criteria that matches international standards,...
Friday 19 August 2022
VIA edge AI solutions attract orders from Toyota Material Handling Taiwan
VIA Technologies' edge AI solutions for smart transportation have attracted orders from Toyota Material Handling Taiwan, according to the Taiwan-based company specializing in embedded...
Wednesday 25 May 2022
Safe autonomous transportation with edge AI: Q&A with Invision AI CEO and founder Karim Ali
Invision AI is a Canadian startup building the first autonomous railway system combining visual AI and edge computing, looking to expand its solutions beyond the transportation space...
Thursday 3 February 2022
Public-private partnerships can realize smart transportation
Many countries are targeting smart cities and smart transportation as the technology for 5G and artificial intelligence (AI) matures, with every country executing plans related to...
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