Tuesday 12 September 2023
ODMs agree GPU availability is key to AI server delivery
Server ODMs have begun large-scale shipments of AI servers equipped with Nvidia's H100 GPU in the third quarter; however, a shortfall in GPU supply may impact their deliveries, according...
Friday 8 September 2023
ODMs see general-purpose server demand remain sluggish
General-purpose server demand remains sluggish despite strong demand for AI servers, according to sources at ODMs.
Thursday 7 September 2023
Rising AI server power and cooling demands met with efficient solutions
The wave ignited by ChatGPT casts a spotlight on AI servers. Amidst the fiercely competitive AI race, there has been a significant surge in market demand. However, substantial computational...
Wednesday 6 September 2023
When tech heavyweights battle, change is inevitable
As internet giants shift their focus towards developing their own chips, their interactions with Nvidia and AMD are expected to introduce new dynamics. Many of these fresh variables...
Tuesday 5 September 2023
As AI drives server demand, brands pick up speed while Taiwanese suppliers provide support
Server brands are actively embracing the AI business opportunities, each coming with its own unique approach. Dell, with its close relationship with Nvidia, is aggressively pushing...
Tuesday 5 September 2023
Delta Electronics gains prominence in the AI server power supply market
With the rise of ChatGPT and other generative AI applications, AI servers tailored to meet the formidable computational demands of generative AI have emerged as a central focus. These...
Friday 1 September 2023
AI server boom drives CCL demand
Iteq and other suppliers that specialize in high-speed and high-frequency copper-clad laminates (CCL) have been identified as beneficiaries of the AI server demand surge, according...
Friday 1 September 2023
Wistron secures major GPU substrate orders for AI servers
Wistron has secured significant GPU substrate orders for AI servers and anticipates its server product shipments will increase month by month for the remainder of this year, according...
Thursday 31 August 2023
USI unveils versatile modular edge computing solution
Mobile devices now not only directly serve data-driven personal lifestyles, but they also promote the tremendous growth of global network data. According to IDC's estimate, worldwide...
Thursday 31 August 2023
Server firms to see sales boost in September
Along with the easing of Nvidia's GPU shortage, server manufacturers are expected to see their revenue start rising in September, according to industry sources.
Wednesday 30 August 2023
PCB maker GCE gearing up for AI server boom
Server PCB specialist Gold Circuit Electronics (GCE) is expected to see orders for AI servers generate 3-4% of revenue in 2023, with the proportion set to rise to a double-digit figure...
Friday 25 August 2023
Chenbro to see significant growth in Q4 and 2024 following increasing AI server orders
The burgeoning AI server industry is heading for a peak in the fourth quarter of this year and is expected to ride a fresh wave of growth from 2024 to 2025, according to Chenbro Micom...
Thursday 24 August 2023
Lenovo AI server orders lined up; AI PC coming soon
Many next-generation customers, including cloud service providers, are shifting their upgraded computing platforms from traditional platforms to Artificial Intelligence (AI) computing...
Thursday 24 August 2023
AI server shipments forecast to top 300,000 units in 2024, says DIGITIMES Research
High-end AI server shipments are forecast to reach 337,000 units in 2024, with the generative AI market reaching US$109 billion by 2030, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of...
Wednesday 23 August 2023
WPG gearing up for AI server boom
WPG, an IC distributor, has stated that the company will not be absent from this wave of AI with its more comprehensive offering for AI servers.
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