Wednesday 13 September 2023
Lithuanian firms, ITRI to co-build femtosecond laser tech R&D center in Taiwan
Lithuania, now dominating over 80% of global supply of femtosecond laser resources, has seen 14 local enterprises in the sector collaborate with Taiwan's government-funded Industrial...
Monday 24 July 2023
Taiwan in pole position to develop next-generation biomedical chips
Biomedicines are often seen as the next pivotal industry beyond semiconductors to bolster Taiwan's economic development, and the close combination of both sectors to develop the next-generation...
Wednesday 7 December 2022
Health Big Data Platform Program takes on responsibility to drive precision medicine in Taiwan
The completion of human genome sequencing has given rise to the trend of precision medicine and prompted governments worldwide to formulate the relevant healthcare policies. Meanwhile,...
Thursday 10 November 2022
Industry-academia collaboration transforms precision medicine research outcomes into social value
With big data, artificial intelligence and cloud computing technology all becoming highly developed, precision medicine - a sector that has relied on these advanced technologies for...