Wednesday 22 May 2024
Power HV: transforming transformer monitoring in the energy sector
In the vast and intricate realm of the energy sector, where reliability and efficiency are paramount, Canadian startup Power HV emerges as a notable player with its innovative approach...
Thursday 11 April 2024
PCB market to boom later this year, says TPCA chair
Taiwan's PCB and IC substrate market will first stagnate before seeing a sharp increase in 2024, according to Maurice Lee, chairman of the Taiwan Printed Circuit Association (TPCA)...
Monday 1 April 2024
AI and satellites spark hope for PCB renaissance
Despite ongoing geopolitical tensions and inventory adjustments, the global PCB industry is poised for a resurgence, buoyed by robust demand for AI and HPC.
Tuesday 30 January 2024
PCB demand from AI server industry to increase
With ChatGPT significantly boosting demand for AI servers, related supply chain players have seen orders for Copper Clad Laminate (CCL), PCB, and ABF substrates increase, according...
Tuesday 23 January 2024
Taiwanese PCB supply chain sees growth opportunity in LEO satellites
The craze for Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites began in early 2022 with the start of the Ukraine-Russia war. Recently, driven by international satellite operators, an international...
Monday 23 October 2023
Taiflex to commercialize FCCL production at new Thailand plant in 2Q24
Taiwan-based Taiflex Scientific, dedicated to supplying flexible copper clad laminate (FCCL), is slated to start mass production at its new plant in Thailand in the second quarter...
Monday 18 September 2023
Thai student talent matchmaking platform formed to help Taiwanese PCB makers operating in Thailand
The Taiwan Printed Circuit Association (TPCA) and the Thailand Trade and Economic Office (TTEO) recently jointly held the inaugural "Thai Student PCB Job Fair" aiming to help Taiwanese...
Tuesday 15 August 2023
Three driving factors and three challenges of PCB Supply chain migration to Southeast Asia
Despite challenges including inflation, inventory destocking, and demand slowdown, many printed-circuit board (PCB)-related manufacturers remain optimistic about the medium- and long-term...
Monday 24 July 2023
TPCA: Taiwan should strengthen high-end PCB supply chain to tap AI server opportunities
The printed circuit board (PCB) for AI servers is a high-end, high-value PCB for terminal applications, and the process technology threshold is higher, so fewer manufacturers have...
Friday 30 June 2023
Power supply, site management to challenge Taiwan manufacturers in Vietnam
Vietnam has become a popular destination for supply chain expansion in Southeast Asia in response to changes in the international environment, but industry insiders have identified...
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