Friday 4 June 2010
A changing PC usage model: Discussing market opportunities for MeeGo with Novell
On June 1, Novell announced that it will release Suse MeeGo as a fully supported operating system (OS) for netbooks. MeeGo is built on the codestream from the MeeGo Project, the Linux-based...
Wednesday 2 June 2010
Novell to offer Suse MeeGo, set up OpenLabs in Taiwan
US-based Novell on June 1 announced it will offer Suse MeeGo specifically for use in netbooks and other types of mobile devices and will establish an OpenLabs in Taiwan to cooperate...
Monday 28 December 2009
Taiwan market: Novell 2009 revenue growth drops below 10% for first time
Novell estimates its 2009 sales revenues in the Taiwan to increase by about 6% from 2008, marking the first time for the enterprise software and service provider to see on-year growth...
Monday 30 March 2009
Novell sets up Taiwan netbook Linux R&D team
US-based Novell has established an R&D team specifically for developing Linux operating systems for use in netbook PCs, according to Novell Taiwan.