Wednesday 27 September 2023
Nishoku Technology steps up production in Vietnam and makes adjustments to its Chinese operations in response to market changes
Nishoku Technology has also been actively increasing its production capacity in Vietnam due to businesses moving their order and production line out of China. Adjustments have been...
Wednesday 16 June 2021
Notebook compartment part suppliers see deceleration in shipments in 2Q21
Makers of notebook internal compartment parts and hinges have seen a deceleration in order pull-ins from notebook brand clients in second quarter amid component shortages.
Wednesday 12 October 2011
Nishoku sees growing revenues in September
Taiwan-based chassis supplier Nishoku, benefiting from increasing game console chassis orders, reported September consolidated revenues of NT$243 million (US$8 million), up 2.53%...
Monday 19 September 2011
Mold supplier Nishoku expects to see strong 4Q11 performance
Nishoku Technology, a Taiwan-based dual shot injection mold supplier, at a recent investors meeting for listing on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE), pointed out its revenue performance...