Tuesday 22 September 2009
Asustek launches rack-servers with new Intel CPUs
Asustek Computer has launched its new RS300-E6 series rack-mount servers featuring the Intel 3420 PCH chipset and Xeon 3400 series processors.
Wednesday 16 September 2009
Intel sets shipment goal for new desktop CPUs
Intel has internally set a shipment goal of one million Lynnfield (Core i5 and i7) CPUs for desktops by the end of 2009, according to industry sources.
Friday 24 July 2009
Asustek to see revenues increase 20% sequentially in 3Q09
Asustek Computer is expected to see its revenues grow 20% sequentially in third-quarter 2009, led by shipments of 1.4 million notebooks and 1.2 million netbooks, according estimates...
Monday 13 July 2009
Intel updates CPU launch schedule
Intel has updated its launch schedule for notebook-based Clarksfield CPUs, new CPUs for ultra-thin notebooks, desktop-based Lynnfield CPUs and several server CPUs, according to industry...
Tuesday 2 June 2009
Computex 2009: Intel sales chief outlines industry growth opportunities
Intel executive Sean Maloney today (June 2) said his company's relentless commitment to innovation will help drive tremendous future growth throughout the computing and communications...
Tuesday 26 May 2009
Intel delays debut of Core i5 platform until early September
Intel has decided to postpone the debut of its new mainstream desktop PC platform, Lynnfield processors (tentatively Core i5) and 5-series chipsets, from July as originally scheduled,...
Friday 22 May 2009
AMD to move desktop CPU production to 45nm process in 3Q09
AMD plans to move production of its desktop CPUs to its 45nm node process in the third quarter, helping to reduce costs, according to sources at motherboard makers.
Friday 20 February 2009
Nvidia CEO speaks out against Intel lawsuit
Intel recently filed a lawsuit with the Court of Chancery in the state of Delaware against Nvidia, asking the court to declare that Nvidia is not licensed to produce chipsets that...
Friday 16 January 2009
Intel postpones the launch schedule of Lynnfield CPUs and P55 chipset
Intel has recently decided to postpone its next-generation mainstream CPU Lynnfield along with the P55 chipset to the end of August or the beginning of September this year, and may...
Friday 17 October 2008
Intel plans for more dual-core CPUs; Ibexpeak ready in 3Q09
Intel is planning to launch five 35W Core 2 Duo processors on December 28 this year targeting the mobile on desktop market. The T9800, Q9000, P9600, T9550 and T8700 will have prices...
Tuesday 15 July 2008
Nvidia reportedly scores QPI license while Intel gets SLI for X58 motherboards
Nvidia has recently reached an agreement with Intel and received a Quick Path Interconnect (QPI) license enabling the company to design chipsets for Intel's next-generation platforms,...
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