Friday 26 March 2010
Intel, Kingston make headways with low-priced SSDs
Kingston Technology's shipments of low-priced solid-state drives (SSD) have nearly reached 30,000 units so far this month, according to industry sources. Along with Intel's push of...
Wednesday 24 June 2009
SSD penetration in PC market remains low
The replacement from traditional hard drives to solid state drives (SSDs) will not take off in 2009, as the ratio of SSDs used in PCs remains low due to higher per GB costs, according...
Monday 9 February 2009
Silicon Motion controller seen in Samsung SSD camcorder
Silicon Motion Technology foresees increasing solid-state drive (SSD) adoption in non-notebook applications such as digital camcorders to become the company's future shipment growth...
Tuesday 3 February 2009
Taiwan notebook industry pessimistic about US$20 notebook from India
With India planning to produce a notebook priced at US$20, sources from Taiwan's notebook industry are pessimistic about the future of the project.
Tuesday 16 December 2008
HDD vendors to offer low-cost 2.5-inch HDDs for netbooks in 2009, say Taiwan makers
Seagate Technology, Western Digital and Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, in response to the calls for cost reductions from PC vendors, are developing low-cost 2.5-inch hard disk...
Tuesday 2 December 2008
Commentary: Growing popularity of low-cost PCs bad for DRAM makers
Over the past few years, DRAM makers had been expanding capacity aggressively on industries' positive estimates of how the Windows Vista operating system would stimulate market demand...
Friday 5 September 2008
AMD to launch two low-power desktop CPUs for low-cost PC market in November
AMD is planning to launch two low-power desktop CPUs – Athlon 2650e and Athlon X2 3250e – under its UVC (Ultra-Value Client) product line targeting OEMs in November, according...
Friday 20 June 2008
AMD to launch low-cost PC processor by year-end
AMD has recently notified its partners it is developing a processor to enter the low-cost PC market alongside Intel's Atom and Via Technologies' Nano CPUs. The new CPUs will be officially...
Wednesday 28 May 2008
Asustek brings forward launch of 10-inch Eee PC
With Micro-Star International (MSI) expected to officially launch its 10-inch Wind series notebooks and Acer planning to launch an 8.9-inch Aspire low-cost PC in Europe priced at...