Friday 11 March 2022
Russia-Ukraine conflict causing raw material prices to skyrocket
The prices of raw materials such as nickel have skyrocketed after the Russia-Ukraine war broke out, resulting in higher costs for Taiwan-based PCB equipment makers, according to industry...
Wednesday 9 March 2022
Supply chain remains calm as metal prices soar
The price of raw materials such as copper, aluminum, and nickel have soared since the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine war, but components manufacturers have remained calm.
Wednesday 30 June 2021
PCB materials prices stop rising
Upstream PCB materials prices have stopped rising and stabilized, relieving some pressure on PCB makers though the materials remain in tight supply, according to industry sources.
Wednesday 16 June 2021
CCL prices set to stop rising as material cost gains slow down
CCL prices are poised to stop rising and stabilize in the short term as price hikes for main upstream materials including copper foil are showing signs of slowing down, according...
Wednesday 12 May 2021
Copper price hikes to drive up short-term profits at copper foil vendors
Rising international copper prices may drive up profits for copper foil vendors in the short term, but they face new challenges to their long-term business operations, according...
Tuesday 30 March 2021
Taiwan CCL makers to raise quotes by 15-20% in April
Taiwan-based CCL makers including Nan Ya Plastics, Iteq and Taiwan Union Technology (TUC) will raise their quotes by 15-20% starting April in response to increased costs of copper...
Thursday 4 March 2021
LTCC component shortages worsen
Shortages of LTCC (low temperature co-fired ceramic) components have become severe thanks to slow capacity expansions at makers and growing demand for 5G handset and Wi-Fi 6E applications,...
Wednesday 24 February 2021
CCL prices may rise further later in 1H21
Rising copper foil prices will likely prompt Taiwan-based CCL makers to further raise their quotes later in the first half of this year, according to industry sources.