Wednesday 3 March 2010
CeBIT 2010: Nvidia introduces new Ion platform
Nvidia has introduced the next-generation Ion graphics processor, which it claims will offer 10 times the graphics performance of standard netbooks and enable up to 10 hours of battery...
Wednesday 20 January 2010
Nvidia Ion 2-based Eee PC set for April launch
Asustek Computer will launch an Nvidia Ion 2-powered Eee PC in April 2010 and a lineup of netbooks through the year.
Tuesday 19 January 2010
Asustek to launch Nvidia Ion 2-based all-in-one PC
Asustek computer plans to launch a 20-inch Nvidia Ion 2 platform-based all-in-one PC (Eee Top ET2010PNT) in the near future, according to sources at PC players. The Eee Top ET2010PNT...
Monday 7 December 2009
Nvidia Ion 2 reportedly lands orders from Acer
Nvidia has reportedly landed orders for Ion 2-based chips designed to support Intel's upcoming (Pineview) Atom N450, N470, D510 or D410 CPUs and related (Tiger Point) chipsets from...
Friday 27 November 2009
10- to 12-inch displays to become mainstream in netbook segment in 2010
Netbooks with 10- to 12-inch displays are expected to become the mainstream in the segment in 2010 as market demand for larger-size netbooks is rising, according to industry source...
Thursday 23 April 2009
Nvidia CEO dismisses VIA investment rumors
Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO and president of Nvidia, has said that the chipmaker's current relationship with Taiwan's VIA Technologies only extends to cooperation to deliver support for VIA...
Wednesday 1 April 2009
Acer to unveil Nvidia Ion-based nettop PC in early April
Acer plans to introduce the Acer Hornet, a nettop PC based on Nvidia's Ion platform, in Beijing on April 8, according to industry sources.
Friday 27 March 2009
Intel accused of using gamesmanship to force Nvidia out of the market, Drew Henry discusses Nvidia counter suit
Nvidia has officially filed a counter suit with the Court of Chancery in the State of Delaware against Intel for breach...
Friday 20 February 2009
Nvidia confirms Ion platform for VIA, scheduled for release in 2009
Jen-Hsun Huang, president and CEO of Nvidia, has revealed to Digitimes that Nvidia will launch an Ion platform (Ion 2) supporting VIA Technologies' Nano CPUs in 2009. The platform...
Friday 20 February 2009
Nvidia CEO speaks out against Intel lawsuit
Intel recently filed a lawsuit with the Court of Chancery in the state of Delaware against Nvidia, asking the court to declare that Nvidia is not licensed to produce chipsets that...
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