Saturday 25 March 2023
Gordon Moore, tech trailblazer and originator of Moore's Law, dies at 94
According to Intel's press release on its official website, the...
Wednesday 29 April 2020
Chiplets promise to help reinstate Moore's Law
Moore's Law may not be dead, but at 55 years old, it's certainly feeling its age, with the pace of semiconductor manufacturing advancement decelerating in recent years. However, a...
Wednesday 25 October 2017
Moore's Law no longer valid, says Morris Chang
Moore's Law has become invalid for a while, as the time needed for the transistor density to double is no longer 18-24 months although the density has indeed kept increasing, Morris...
Wednesday 17 June 2009
Is Moore's Law becoming academic? asks iSuppli
The high cost of semiconductor manufacturing equipment is making continued chip-making advancements too expensive to use for volume production, relegating Moore's Law to the laboratory...
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Strategize Confidently with Insights into Samsung
China's homegrown NearLink wireless tech to challenge Wi-Fi dominance, says DIGITIMES Research
China's smartphone shipments threaten 20% slide in 1Q24 says DIGITIMES Research
AP shipments to Chinese smartphone brands unpleasant in 4Q23, but to stay flat in 1Q24, says DIGITIMES Research