Tuesday 28 November 2023
Samsung unveils ambitious 'GDP' semiconductor strategy targeting AI market growth
Samsung Electronics executives have recently disclosed their 2024 semiconductor strategy, named "GDP" (Gate-All-Around, DRAM, and Packaging), at an investors forum, aiming to tap...
Wednesday 19 July 2023
Improving Samsung's GAA production yields seen a lengthy and laborious process
From the perspective of foundries, increasing Samsung's yields of GAA (gate-all-around) transistor production would be a lengthy and laborious process that appears to be considerably...
Wednesday 19 July 2023
TSMC will lead 3nm process market, as TechInsights report reveals
TSMC can temporarily exhale a breath of relief as the efficacy of Samsung's 3nm GAA technology has been revealed by a recent TechInsights study, according to sources at fab toolmak...
Monday 3 July 2023
Samsung set to commercialize 2nm chips in 2025, 1.4nm by 2027
Samsung Electronics has disclosed its latest advanced process development roadmap at the just-ended 2023 Samsung Foundry Forum, with plans to mass produce 2nm chips by 2025 and commercialize...
Thursday 15 June 2023
3D DRAM to see clear development direction in next 2-3 years
Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix have revealed the latest development trends for advanced logic chips technology and memory products at recent technology symposiums, with the former...
Wednesday 7 June 2023
Intel announces backside power solution breakthrough
Intel made public a new approach to both how chips are made and how they are tested. For the first time, chipmaking is going two-sided, according to an Intel press release.
Monday 22 May 2023
Major customers confident about TSMC 2nm GAA process
Almost all of TSMC's top-10 customers have readied plans to adopt the foundry's 2nm GAA-FET (gate-all-around field-effect transistor) process technology, to be commercialized in 2025...
Monday 24 April 2023
Atomera founder talks about how its patented MST technology benefits chipmakers
Atomera was founded in 2001 by Robert Mears with a vision to develop a platform of materials technologies for use across multiple industries. In response to the slowdown in the advancement...
Friday 7 October 2022
Apple preparing for 2nm chips
Apple reportedly has been keenly preparing for 2nm chips and is looking to collaborate with TSMC for its in-house developed processors with the new node, which is scheduled to enter...
Friday 2 September 2022
Fresh US chip export restrictions to curb China homegrown IC development
China's progress in developing its homegrown AI and HPC processor industry will be curbed by the US fresh restrictions on exports of advanced GPUs crucial for artificial intelligence...
Friday 19 August 2022
Samsung to be hit by tougher US-imposed China chip ban
With the US tightening restrictions on China's access to chipmaking gear, such a development will have a negative impact on Samsung Electronics and other major Korea-based chipmakers,...
Tuesday 16 August 2022
Taiwan IC design service companies expect limited impact from new US export bans on China
Taiwan-based ASIC and SoC design service providers, with many engaged in the development of China's homegrown chips and processors, expect limited impacts from tougher US controls...
Monday 4 July 2022
Samsung 3nm GAA commercialization signifies paradigm shift in transistor architecture
The most important significance of Samsung Electronics recently commercializing its 3nm GAA (gate-all-around) process technology lies in leading the paradigm shift of next-generation...
Monday 27 June 2022
Competition poised to heat up in 3-horse race for 3/2nm processes
Foundry market competitions among TSMC, Samsung Electronics and Intel will heat up significantly as they are advancing to 3/2nm manufacturing nodes, and it seems that Samsung will...
Thursday 24 March 2022
Samsung, Intel keen to take slices of foundry market from TSMC
Samsung Electronics and Intel have both stepped up efforts to expand their respective foundry businesses, eyeing bigger slices of the global foundry market particularly in the advanced...