Thursday 25 April 2024
Taiwan plots US$1 trillion sustainable ICT roadmap
At the ITRI Net Zero Day 2024 forum, industry leaders outlined strategies for Taiwan's semiconductor and ICT sectors to drive global sustainability efforts and transition to net zero...
Tuesday 26 March 2024
Carbon markets reps share insights on quality, double counting, and opportunities
In pursuit of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, carbon trading and markets have emerged as pivotal strategies.
Monday 25 March 2024
Apple's Cook tells China forum AI is key for climate battle
Apple Inc. Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook said artificial intelligence is an essential tool for helping businesses reduce their carbon footprint, as he joined a climate change dialog...
Wednesday 24 January 2024
Semiconductor Climate Consortium releases industry guidelines for Scope 3 Reporting
One of the biggest drivers for establishing the Semiconductor...
Monday 25 December 2023
Navigating uncharted waters with AI: Interview with Dun & Bradstreet COO Julian Prower
In an insightful interview with DIGITIMES Asia, Julian Prower, Chief Operating Officer of Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) International on December 8, explored the profound implications...
Friday 10 November 2023
EU carbon border adjustment transition period: no disruption in Taiwan-EU trade
The European Union's Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) initiated a two-year transition phase in October 2023, directly impacting the export of metal fasteners and the steel...
Monday 6 November 2023
Concurrent planning to get ahead: Exclusive interview with Canadian supply chain solution provider Kinaxis co-founder Duncan Klett
In an era defined by global economic shifts, supply chain complexities, and ever-increasing uncertainty, companies must constantly adapt to survive and thrive. One company at the...
Monday 16 October 2023
Pegatron starts carbon footprint verification along with 30 suppliers
Pegatron, a major electronic manufacturing service (EMS) provider, recently launched a Supply Chain Decarbonization Activation Event and invited 30 supply chain partners to participate...
Wednesday 17 May 2023
Micron intros new datacenter SSD featuring 232-layer NAND
Micron Technology has released two SSDs: the Micron 6500 ION NVMe SSD and the Micron XTR NVMe SSD. These drives, designed to keep up with the accelerating growth of data, provide...
Wednesday 22 March 2023
Nvidia debuts cuLitho to accelerate sub-2nm chip development
At the ongoing GPU Technology Conference (GTC), Nvidia unveiled its breakthrough in computational lithography. The new Nvidia cuLitho software library introduces accelerated computing...
Wednesday 22 February 2023
Taiwanese PCB makers gearing up for carbon reductions
Taiwan's PCB industry players are beefing up their efforts to improve ESG and carbon reduction performances to meet the requirements of clients and win more orders amid the irresistible...
Tuesday 31 January 2023
Samsung Electronics Achieves Life Cycle Assessment Verification on Product Carbon Footprint for Semiconductors
Samsung Electronics Co. announced on January 30 that it has established a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) on the product carbon footprint of its semiconductor business and achieved verification...
Tuesday 6 September 2022
Topco Scientific eyeing 3rd-gen semiconductor business
Topco Scientific, which mainly distributes photoresist, silicon wafers and CMP slurry products to foundry houses, is looking to actively develop its third-generation semiconductor...
Monday 29 August 2022
EIH obtains carbon footprint verification for e-paper modules
E Ink Holdings has passed carbon footprint verification pursuant to ISO 14067:2018 standards for its 6.8-inch e-book reader modules and 2.9-inch electronic shelf label modules, according...
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