Server AI accelerator market and technology

Stella Weng, DIGITIMES Research, Taipei 0


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DIGITIMES Research anticipates that high-end server AI accelerator shipments will more than double on year in 2024 as demand for AI continues picking up.

With the continuous strong demand for AI servers and the significant expansion of CoWoS capacity, shipments of high-end server AI accelerators are expected to grow by more than 200% in 2024, reaching 7.67 million units.

Nvidia will lead in shipments, with an estimated market share of 46.7%, followed by Google with a 33.1% share. Notably, producing high-end server AI accelerators heavily relies on TSMC's 4/5nm advanced process technology and CoWoS-S advanced packaging technology, making other IC makers like Intel and Samsung have limited manufacturing and packaging business opportunities in high-end server AI accelerators, according to a DIGITIMES Research estimate.

From the demand side, global large server datacenter operators will continue to deploy related services in 2024, increasing the procurement of high-end AI servers. On the supply side, the production capacities of 2.5D and 3D packaging processes and high bandwidth memory (HBM) will continue to expand in 2024.

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