Phison and InWin partner to launch generative AI and enterprise-grade PCIe Gen 5 solutions

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The aiDAPTIV+ ecosystem continues to expand as InWin (6117-TW), a professional manufacturer of computers and server cases with system assembly capabilities, partners with Phison Electronics (8299-TW), a world-leading provider of NAND controller chips and storage solutions. This collaboration aims to enhance the AI hardware ecosystem, broaden the overall product line, and improve the customer experience with a one-stop shopping service.

IDC (International Data Corporation) predicts global spending on AI solutions will exceed $500 billion by 2027. In the future, businesses will increasingly focus on AI technology investments and AI-driven products and services. With the end of support for Windows 10 in 2025 and the rising prominence of GenAI applications, the development of AI PCs is also beginning to take shape, with growth momentum expected to impact the commercial market. The use of AI will transition from optional to essential, with generative AI applications becoming accelerators for personal growth and business operating efficiency. Estimating the cost and return on investment (ROI) of AI equipment remains a pain point for businesses considering AI as a production tool or a product for sale. Balancing the need to enhance industry competitiveness, protect proprietary AI training data, and make decisions with limited resources is a significant challenge.

InWin stated, "The company has long been a strong supporter of system brand clients, providing professional design advice and technical services. These soft skills are crucial for our successful entry into hard-hitting areas such as the AI server supply chain, high-end water-cooled workstations, and rack-mounted liquid cooling solutions." In recent years, InWin has invested in the production and testing of high-U AI servers, with system assembly capabilities reaching Level 11. Our product line encompasses a wide range, from personal computer cases to workstations and servers. InWin's services include everything from designing and producing standard and customized cases to system assembly and testing.

InWin's high-end liquid cooling solutions now incorporate Phison's "aiDAPTIV+" SSD, enabling enterprises to utilize mainstream large language models (LLMs) on-premises at a reasonable cost. Through fine-tuning computations, companies can swiftly deploy their custom applications while ensuring data security and preventing data leakage during the AI model fine-tuning process.

aiDAPTIV+ is a proprietary patented middleware software independently developed by Phison. It allows SSDs to be used as extended DRAM memory for GPUs, solving the issue of insufficient DRAM capacity caused by the continuous expansion of AI models during AI model computation. This significantly improves the training efficiency of LLMs and enhances the feasibility of fine-tuning LLMs using ordinary workstations. Phison's CEO, Khein-Seng Pua, stated, "The two biggest challenges for deploying generative AI applications are the excessively high computational costs of AI hardware and data security concerns. Phison's proprietary patented aiDAPTIV+ technology solution not only effectively reduces the hardware costs for fine-tuning and deploying generative AI models, but also enables fine-tuning AI model computations in an offline environment without requiring internet connectivity, thus addressing data security issues. Compared to solutions that often-cost tens of millions or even hundreds of millions, this solution will further facilitate the democratization and widespread adoption of generative AI for the masses. More importantly, there is no risk of confidential enterprise data being uploaded to the cloud and leaked."

In addition to collaborating on the "aiDAPTIV+" project, InWin and Phison have expanded their product offerings to include Gen 5 enterprise-grade SSDs and related products. This new product line broadens the company's portfolio, meeting the data storage, stable transmission, and security needs of both professional and enterprise applications. With InWin's one-stop service, a diverse range of products and services can be provided more comprehensively, eliminating the need for customers to spend significant time sourcing components from different suppliers. This approach reduces the total investment cost for customers and enhances the overall service value offered by InWin, fostering a win-win scenario for mutual growth.

InWin and Phison have entered into a comprehensive partnership, combining InWin's core competencies in hardware manufacturing and system assembly with Phison's leading expertise in solid-state drive technology. By leveraging their respective competitive advantages, the two companies aim to jointly offer GenAI and Gen 5 solutions, expand their presence in the global market, and bring more innovation and possibilities to the AI hardware ecosystem.

InWin will showcase its AI-centric hardware ecosystem product line at Computex in Taipei from June 4 to June 7 this year. With a diverse and exciting range of exhibits, the presentation will attract significant attention and anticipation.

Exhibition Time: June 4th to June 7th, 2024
Location: 1st floor, Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1, InWin Booth Number J0806.

InWin's launch of water-cooled servers in collaboration with Phison's

InWin's launch of water-cooled servers in collaboration with Phison's "aiDAPTIV+" will help reduce hardware costs for AI infrastructure. The integration of water-cooling solutions ensures optimal heat dissipation and enhances computational efficiency.