HOLTEK BLDC motor MCUs provide solutions for diverse product markets

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As motorized equipment accounts for more than 40% of global electricity consumption, motor efficiency is an extremely important issue for environmentally focused sustainable development. As a leading MCU brand, Holtek has extensive experience in developing BLDC motor control MCUs and has subsequently released a wide variety of BLDC Motor SoC MCUs to meet the requirements of various gate-driver or full motor drive applications.

High Integration and Excellent Cost/Performance Ratio

Holtek's BLDC motor driver MCU computing cores include cost-effective 8-bit and high drive efficiency 32-bit solutions. The HT32F66xxx series also incorporates hardware CORDIC and PID functions to achieve a 30% FOC execution performance increase.

Improvements in semiconductor technology have permitted low-power BLDC motor control functions to be fully integrated into single ICs. HOLTEK has released a range of both 8-bit and 32-bit all-in-one MCUs that have integrated the motor driver functions, delivering advantages such as simplified product design, high functional integration, high driving efficiency, and high reliability. These devices have already been successfully used in applications such as refrigerator defrost fans, floor fans, low-power fans, pumps, etc.

Medium and high-power BLDC motor controllers can choose from a range of integrated Gate-driver series SoC MCUs. These provide 6 competitive products of different voltage levels which have integrated a range of functional circuits to meet the requirements of different applications.

High-Efficiency BLDC Motor Workshop

The Holtek BLDC motor workshop comprises a user-friendly human-machine interface, a real-time parameter control function as well as operational monitoring. It also provides a variety of motor drive algorithms that users can choose according to their different product needs.

1. FOC control provides highly competitive current sampling technology and is able to select various current detection methods according to the cost requirements of different products.

FOC control

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Voltage Usage




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2. FOC sensorless control provides a variety of angle tracking observation and startup strategies.

3. Supports speed, torque, and position control, provides current loop PID gain auto calculation, weak field control, etc. advanced algorithms.

4. Includes integrated hardware compensation strategy for bus voltage, dead zone compensation, and index-type over-modulation technology.

5. Fully integrated and complete protection functions against overcurrent, stalled rotor, overvoltage, low voltage, over-temperature, phase loss, short circuit, etc.

The Holtek motor workshop can significantly reduce the technical threshold and development cycle time for designers to enter the BLDC motor product area. This has already successfully assisted developers in India, mainland China, Southeast Asia, and Europe with their new product design.

Technical Support Excellence

Holtek's BLDC motor MCUs will continue in their trend toward even more functional integration and higher computing power. This will enable Holtek to provide complete BLDC motor solutions and excellent technical services, ensuring that their MCUs are superior choices for motor control solutions.

HOLTEK BLDC Motor MCUs provides solutions for diverse product markets

HOLTEK BLDC Motor MCUs provides solutions for diverse product markets
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