Reshaping customer service with AI, Asiabots introduces smart solutions

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Outstanding customer service plays a vital role to corporate success in the ever-changing business landscape. The traditional customer service model is constantly criticized for long wait times, stressed-out customer service teams, human resource shortage, and difficulty in balancing cost and service quality. Asiabots provides a series of innovative solutions aimed at solving all customer service pain points that plague businesses.

Traditional customer service systems on the market today have trouble meeting the expectations of both consumers and companies. Conversational anxiety, long wait times, and uneasy feelings when asking for help are some key factors that affect consumers' customer service experience. People with social anxiety may be hesitant to contact traditional customer service for help. Long wait times are also annoying especially when people can't get their problems resolved timely. The longer they wait, the more anxious and uneasy they get. Companies also face a slew of difficulties. For example, large numbers of customer inquiries stress out first-line customer service staff. Human resource shortage compromises service quality. Customer service teams spend precious resources dealing with repeated customer inquiries. It's costly and inefficient to maintain high-performance customer service systems. These problems should not be taken lightly.

To eliminate these pain points, Asiabots built an "AI brain," integrating deep learning, natural language processing, and reading comprehension engine AI technologies to accurately understand customer inquiries and provide intelligent responses. Its speech recognition and text-to-speech engines enable seamless transitions between speech and text, creating a human-like interaction experience. On the foundation of these innovations, Asiabots crafted a series of solutions that are exactly what companies need to deliver outstanding customer service.

For example, Asiabots' AI Ambassador features a comprehensive assortment of virtual avatars capable of engaging in AI conversations in 20 languages to create a human-like customer service experience. It can be used for customer inquiry responses, navigation, product presentation, interactive games, sales recommendations, and human-robot collaborations, delivering vivid and immersive customer service.

Boasting a proven track record, Asiabots' innovative AI solutions are used in numerous scenarios. For example, AIA Hong Kong uses Asiabots' solutions to build a smart number ticket dispensing and calling system to address the problems of long queues. Asiabots' AI Ambassador has been used at multiple exhibitions to guide event tours and provide information to visitors. Retailers leverage Asiabots' voice interaction services for first-line product promotion and sales. Asiabots will keep endeavoring on user experience enhancements with pioneering technologies, aiming to deliver smart customer service systems that take everything into consideration.

Asiabots' AI Ambassador

Asiabots' AI Ambassador
Photo: Asiabots