Iris Optronics to showcase ChLCD-based e-paper technologies

Rebecca Kuo, Taipei; Jingyue Hsiao, DIGITIMES Asia 0

Credit: Iris Optronics

Iris Optronics, the sole provider introducing Cholesterol Liquid Crystal Display (ChLCD) to color e-paper, will showcase two proprietary color e-paper technologies and unveil a new product at the 2024 Touch Taiwan.

Two color e-paper technologies that Iris Optronics will unveil include InfinityDisplay, an eco-friendly display solution with built-in solar panels for zero power consumption, and MingDisplay, which displays clear and vivid images in bright daylight and dark environments.

Iris Optronics will introduce a 27.6-inch outdoor color e-paper display for outdoor advertising, designed for harsh environments ranging from -20 to 70°C. It boasts a rapid refresh rate of less than two seconds and over 16 million colors, significantly increasing the commercial feasibility of deploying large-sized color e-papers.

Albert Liao, chairman of Iris Optronics, stated that the company holds over 150 global patents. Through its core technologies in display design, it integrates eye protection and energy-saving features with LCD production lines. The company aims to assist customers in creating forward-looking and ESG-minded display solutions through technology transfer, system integration, and key component supply.

The color e-paper solution based on ChLCD technology uses three liquid crystal layers to reflect red, green, and blue light, resulting in rich grayscale and over 16 million colors. This technology boasts a refresh rate of less than two seconds and gains added commercial value by being solar-powered.

InfinityDisplay is a full-color display that operates without power, thanks to its built-in solar panels. These panels convert non-visible light wavelengths into electricity, storing it for the next screen update. Unlike traditional outdoor displays that rely on external power, this product doesn't require electrical permits or professional installation by electricians. It can run on available light, operate even during natural disasters, and needs less energy with simpler maintenance.

Meanwhile, MingDisplay technology utilizes the reflective and diffusive properties of ChLCD. The display can show clear images even in bright daylight and uses its own Mini LED light source in low-light conditions. This technology addresses the shortcomings of traditional electrophoretic display-based e-paper, which struggled with visibility in dark settings and couldn't support animations.

At the exhibition, Iris Optronics will also showcase various application scenarios, such as smart education, smart religion, smart transportation, and smart retail, under the theme "Color Your Life, Touch Your Soul, Love Your World," demonstrating the application of ChLCD technology in different fields.