Connections Summit 2024 gathers RFID industry to discuss market trends, technical developments and future use cases for technology

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Connections Summit 2024 takes place between 13-16th May in Taichung, Taiwan. The event will bring together the RFID industry for four days of learning, networking and cultural experiences, covering current and future RFID market trends, technical developments and emerging use cases for the technology.

Connections Summit 2024 is presented by the RAIN Alliance in collaboration with NFC Forum and hosted by SAG.

"This year's Connections Summit will have a particularly celebratory mood. We're celebrating 10 years of the RAIN Alliance, while our partner NFC Forum and host SAG mark their respective 20 and 25 year anniversaries," said Aileen Ryan, President and CEO of the RAIN Alliance. "With this in mind, we are delighted to bring the RFID industry together to explore the technology's future, including new and emerging use cases in tomorrow's connected world – such as sustainability and the circular economy."

Organisations are increasingly using tags to improve traceability of goods, to align with incoming sustainability regulation such as the Digital Product Passport. The wide range of emerging use cases for RAIN RFID has also led to rapid global adoption of the technology in recent years. Shipments of RAIN RFID tag chips surged to 44.8bn in 2023 alone, representing year-on-year growth of 32%.

Sustainability will be a key topic of discussion throughout the Connections Summit, particularly during the Open Day co-hosted by NFC Forum. The morning will feature panel discussions and keynote addresses on topics including: sustainability initiatives; the benefits of RAIN RFID and NFC Technology as key enablers of smart retail innovation; how RFID can help make the circular economy a reality; key market trends; and driving adoption of the technology as our world gets more connected. In the afternoon, attendees will split into two tracks, with sessions covering issues specific to RAIN RFID and NFC Technology in more detail.

"Learning, networking and cultural exchange were key focuses for us when devising the programme," added Ryan. "Alongside our Open Day, the Connections Summit will be an opportunity for the RAIN Alliance to host training masterclasses, enable working groups to connect and celebrate the cultural richness of our host Taiwan through a concert experience and various dinners. We look forward to seeing you there!"

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Connections Summit also features a unique, cultural extravaganza featuring traditional Taiwanese music, dance, and cuisine

Connections Summit also features a unique, cultural extravaganza featuring traditional Taiwanese music, dance, and cuisine, hosted by SAG and NXP.