SAC Group of WPG Holdings and MediaTek unveil collaborative IoT solutions at Embedded World 2024

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Credit: MediaTek

Silicon Application Corp. (SAC) Group, a member of WPG Holdings, has facilitated the adoption of various industrial applications for its partner brands. Today, at Embedded World 2024—world's largest exhibition for embedded electronics and industrial computing—MediaTek unveiled an array of smart IoT devices. These innovations, developed by partners including SAC Group, MSI, and Cypress Technology (CYP), leverage MediaTek's Genio IoT platform. The device portfolio covers a wide range of applications, including edge computing equipment for factories, warehouse management systems, human–machine interfaces (HMIs), robotics, rugged computers, and in-flight entertainment systems.

Among the various applications exhibited, two devices were developed under the collaborative support of the SAC Group and MediaTek: An industrial tablet computer from MSI, which can be utilized in smart agriculture, smart factories, and smart buildings sectors; and a real-time audio and video streaming conversion device from CPY, which allows food and beverage retailers to deliver different audiovisual content to different screens within their stores. Both devices are powered by MediaTek's latest IoT chipset, the Genio 510. In the future, SAC Group and MediaTek will continue to assist global IoT device manufacturers in building smart IoT devices for diverse applications.

Hongji Chen, Vice President of Technical Support Center at SAC Group, stated that through the collaboration strategy, which involved FAE teams covering different fields such as software, hardware, and RF, as well as close communication with the original chip manufacturers, SAC Group is able to serve as an extension of MediaTek, providing customers with comprehensive consulting services and technical support from motherboard design to development in order to accelerate customers' adoption of MediaTek's IoT solutions.

Alan Liu, Director of the IoT Business Unit at MediaTek, pointed out that the diversity of smart IoT applications often presents device-makers with challenges of fragmentation. To address this, MediaTek is capitalizing on SAC Group's extensive network in the IoT sector. By extending the scope of their decade-long partnership into the IoT domain, they aim to offer more prompt and efficient technical support and service capabilities to IoT equipment system manufacturers.

MediaTek is addressing the unmet need for Arm-based smart IoT devices and systems by developing a suite of Arm-based chipsets. These chips are designed for universality, openness, and compatibility, offering system manufacturers around the world high-performance, energy-efficient, and easy-to-integrate SoC solutions. This accelerates product development and time-to-market entry, boosting competitiveness.

At the exhibition, MediaTek showcased their latest smart IoT chip, Genio 510, which boasts a 6-nanometer hexacore processor. The Genio 510 supports cutting-edge wireless technologies like 5G and Wi-Fi 6 and offers a variety of I/O options such as PCIE, GbE, USB3.1, and USB 2.0 ports, ensuring broad peripheral connectivity. Genio 510 comes with an integrated AI processor and a 32MP ISP, capable of handling AI tasks like facial and object recognition without an external graphics card. It also supports multiple video codecs, including AV1, VP9, H.264, H.265, and 4K output, delivering sharp images for multimedia IoT uses, such as digital signage in retail.