Pegatron 5G announces full suite of interoperable 5G ORAN-based products for private network solutions

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Pegatron 5G is presenting a full range of 5G products at MWC

Pegatron 5G joins the Mobile World Congress (MWC) to showcase its end-to-end and interoperable 5G portfolio. The products include CPE, Dongle, and Camera, eCPRI disaggregated cell site switches, 5G ORAN RU, DU, CU, UPF, and OSS including SMO, RIC, xApps, and rApps. Pegatron 5G was initiated in 2018 and has since developed a comprehensive suite of E2E 5G ORAN products.

Pegatron 5G has a full range of User Equipment products, such as CPE, Dongle, and Camera. Each of these device types provides both standard full 5G bandwidth SKUs and RedCap SKUs for more cost-constrained requirements.

Pegatron 5G offers a range of radio products to meet various customer needs.

*Indoor/Outdoor 5G NR FR1 4T4R Integrated Small Cell based on Qualcomm FSM20056.
*Indoor/Outdoor 5G NR FR1 4T4R O-RU based on Gen2 SoC to reduce power consumption and weight.
*Outdoor 5G NR FR2 2T2R O-RU, a mmWave ORU based on the same SoC and main board hardware design as the FR1 product series.
*Each comes in a range of frequency-based SKUs to support various market deployments.

Switches include Fronthaul Multiplexer and Cell Site Router. Fronthaul Multiplexer helps users to economically expand coverage by adding additional RUs and multiplexing the existing DU capacity. Later, as traffic growth increases, additional DU capacity can be added as needed for a pay-as-you-grow expandable solution. Cell Site Router supports PTP timing and is disaggregated hardware that can be integrated with multiple software vendors.

DU/CU, MEC, and AI servers will also be showcased, DU/CU servers are purpose-built for Telco requirements such as extended temperature range, and short rack depth. MEC and AI servers offer dense computing capability for AI applications.

Pegatron 5G's 3GPP O-RAN architecture is designed to enhance network flexibility for 5G private network operators. Our product suite embodies key principles: disaggregation to reduce costs, cloud-native for efficient resource pooling, and scalability for easy upgrades. Our solutions are designed to meet your specific needs.

All of Pegatron 5G's factories are strategically located for in-country or near-shoring manufacturing, meeting the highest standards of clean network designed and produced by our own manufacturing centers in Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, and Mexico.

Pegatron 5G's products are enabling digital transformation solutions in many different domains including:

*Smart manufacturing
*Digital resilience networks
*Disaster rescue and relief
*Transportation and logistics
*Oil & Gas

Visit our MWC booth at Hall 5, Stand 5K9, or visit our webpage for an immersive experience where connectivity meets innovation.