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The AI wave continues to sweep across industries worldwide. The NVIDIA Jetson, an AI computing platform that can provide powerful computing for edge devices, boasts a full product line, high performance, and a robust ecosystem. It has become a top choice for optimizing operational efficiency in many vertical fields, and it is already leaving its mark in smart cities, industrial manufacturing, healthcare, retail logistics, and systems of other fields.

While the NVIDIA Jetson is a performance powerhouse, its benefits are only seen when it is paired with the right peripheral software and hardware. EDOM Technology, a longtime authorized distributor of NVIDIA Jetson and various components and modules, provides tech support and value-added services through a complete industry and product ecosystem. EDOM helps customers reduce development costs, accelerate market launches, and enhance market competitiveness.

NVIDIA Jetson is a complete System on Module (SOM) designed specifically for edge computing architecture that includes GPU and CPU and supports plug-and-play. EDOM Technology said one can look at the NVIDIA Jetson's product architecture in terms of hardware, software, and ecosystem. First, the hardware. NVIDIA launched its first-gen Jetson TK1 in 2014. Then, as it started developing into the edge AI market, NVIDIA continued to improve its Jetson product line. Now, after years of development and improvement, the Jetson line has been expanded with the Orin, Orin NX, AGX Xavier, Xavier NX, TX2, and Nano, and includes products with different combinations of GPU and CPU for different computing capabilities, from basic to intermediate and high-end. In addition, NVIDIA also provides Orin Nano and AGX Orin developer boards with pre-configured OS to help customers optimize the dev process.

Next, the software. NVIDIA launched the JetPack SDK designed specifically for the Jetson series, which it continues to update. JetPack 6.0, set to launch in the near future, will support an updated version of Linux Kernel Upstream, various Linux distros, flexible individual software module update functions, as well as more software library support and boosts to security. JetPack further raises the NVIDIA Jetson series to new heights in the field of human-computer interaction, bringing to NVIDIA Jetson the high scalability of generative AI. Users can get the latest open-source generative AI models at the Jetson Generative AI Lab and run them directly on Jetson without going through the cloud. And then there is the ecosystem level. NVIDIA has worked with distributors and software and hardware suppliers to build a complete network ecosystem, ensuring that device developers have complete support for peripheral software and hardware when using NVIDIA products. This lowers product dev barriers and, notably, shortens time to market.

With its many advantages — comprehensive software, hardware, and ecosystem services, NVIDIA Jetson's application fields have rapidly expanded, making it the mainstream edge AI product for the smart systems of today. Already it has been adopted by more than 1.2 million developers and more than 10,000 field operators. In both market acceptance and application maturity, it ranks first in the industry, giving industry operators in various fields a greater sense of ease when considering their choices and introducing the product to their operations.

However, as already mentioned, the performance powerhouse that is NVIDIA Jetson requires adequate peripheral software and hardware support to meet the needs of certain customers in certain fields. That is where EDOM Technology comes in: it uses its robust industry and product ecosystem to help customers complete the dev process. EDOM Technology has been involved deeply in science and tech for many years. While distributing a complete product line, covering everything from power management, active and passive devices, and MCUs to image sensors, it also has software and hardware customers across several areas and can help bridge the gaps for customers in different fields to complete product development with precision and efficiency.

For example, in the early stages of product development, for instance, the design of the baseboard and I/O interface, EDOM's FAE team can provide professional information and support; it can also provide suggestions on peripheral components for NVIDIA Jetson based on the product application fields. And, importantly, their all-in-one service shortens product development time. One notable recent case is their helping several industrial computer manufacturers in Taiwan to complete AI Boxes for different fields. EDOM Technology pointed out that these industrial computer manufacturers are key partners. With tech and product support provided by EDOM Technology, these manufacturers completed the development of AI Box products using NVIDIA Jetson as their computing cores.

For customers who may have different expertise but are still interested in launching vertical field application solutions, EDOM Technology can connect with manufacturers in other fields to provide the necessary tech support services. For instance, introducing hardware vendors to independent software vendors (ISVs) and ISV vendors to system customers so that customers can focus their resources on their own expertise while benefiting others in the industry at the same time. Bridging services like EDOM's are particularly important in the AI era. EDOM Technology stated that the development of AI has picked up pace in recent years. AI solutions need to integrate a variety of hardware and software to achieve smooth performance. Just look at generative AI and the market attention it has attracted recently. This technology requires a wide range of software and hardware, and NVIDIA has also launched an SDK just for that purpose. EDOM Technology can respond to customer needs, intermediary ISVs, and hardware manufacturers, and lower the product dev threshold.

Lastly, EDOM Technology pointed out that the smart trend has gained traction in recent years, and the market demand for AI, which is crucial for smart systems, has grown enormously. If one looks at the overall industry development, it seems that NVIDIA Jetson is still the mainstream computing platform in the edge computing market. EDOM Technology's complete product line and industry ecosystem bridging services can help customers in many fields effectively tackle challenges and capitalize on the many opportunities offered in the AI era.