Status of EV solid-state battery market

Hana Hu, DIGITIMES Research, Taipei 0


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China, Japan and South Korea are all keen on pushing the development of solid-state batteries for EVs with volume production expected for 2025 and commercially available for 2028.

Solid-state batteries, having advantages such as safety and high energy density, will likely become the ultimate solutions for the next-generation automotive batteries, prompting related makers in China, Japan, and Korea, already competing fiercely in the battery market, to foray into the segment, with the Japanese concerns, which are lagging at present, being the most proactive in developing solid-state batteries.

Considering the development plans of individual companies in China, Japan and Korea, solid-state batteries are expected to enter mass production in 2025 and be available commercially in 2028. However, the critical factor lies in whether Toyota can successfully start mass production of vehicles with solid-state batteries by 2027, as its success could reshape the landscape of the automotive battery market.

Japan has dedicated its national efforts to developing solid-state batteries since 2018, being the country with the highest amount of related patent applications and Japanese firms the most in the rankings for applications. With the most patent applications, Toyota has deployed the longest in the solid-state battery segment among fellow firms. China, experiencing rapid growth in the electric vehicle industry, is also aggressively entering the development of solid-state batteries. It has significantly increased its patent applications for solid-state batteries in recent years, indicating its strong commitment to deploy in the industry.

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