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Turn your website traffic into money: the all-in-one system for online course

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The online course model, developed over several years, has witnessed unprecedented growth in the past three years, driven by the global pandemic. Various degrees of pandemic prevention measures implemented worldwide have resulted in a significant surge in demand for online courses, attracting professionals from diverse fields to enthusiastically enter the online education sector.

Existing social media and e-commerce platforms are not specifically designed for online courses and lack comprehensive management tools. This often puts creators (instructors) at a disadvantage when it comes to customer management. Drawing from its own experience, Havbeat Technology has introduced Havppen, an all-in-one online course system, to address the management challenges faced by creators and effectively convert their website traffic into money.

With Havppen, the distinctive all-in-one online course system, Havbeat Technology has been invited to participate in the Startup Terrace Kaohsiung AWS Joint Innovation Center (JIC). This exclusive platform not only grants us access to free cloud resources from Amazon Web Services (AWS) but also enables our IT team to undergo complimentary training, earning certifications in cloud technologies and cybersecurity. This initiative lays a robust foundation for our company's long-term development.

"Being invited to participate in the AWS JIC program gave us two significant advantages," said Allison Chiu, Co-founder and CEO of Havbeat Technology. "Firstly, the access to free cloud resources and educational training courses has greatly assisted in reducing our operational costs and enhancing the skills of our IT team."

"Secondly, the program has enabled Havbeat Technology to establish connections with industries in various regions, fostering a positive cycle of monetizing knowledge. This, in turn, helps enterprises drive digital transformation, aligning with the trends that promote sustainable economic growth, such as SDGs and ESG."

Powerful CMS with a deep understanding of member needs

Specializing in helping creators and businesses establish their own online teaching websites within 3 minutes and initiate course sales instantly. Havbeat Technology's all-in-one online teaching system, Havppen, utilizes a no-code approach and incorporates marketing analytics tools. This aids branding companies in seamlessly integrating their online and offline, virtual and physical businesses, facilitating digital transformation.

This system, akin to a content-centric storefront, features a comprehensive front-end and back-end for independent management of listings and configurations. This empowers creators and businesses to utilize diverse forms of selling exclusive knowledge, expertise, and experiences, thereby creating greater value and revenue.

Enning Yu, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Havbeat Technology, revealed that when they launched the highly praised online sports course platform, HAVBEAT, they observed creators struggling to monetize their expertise. Faced with a lack of integrated tools, these creators were limited to generating revenue solely through YouTube ads. "They reached out to us, inquiring about the possibility of collaboration," said Enning Yu.

In response, we decided to introduce Havppen, an all-in-one online teaching system. This platform encompasses features such as article subscriptions, course sales, appointment scheduling, online consultations, live streaming, physical events, and bundled e-commerce. This comprehensive solution aims to address the challenges creators face in monetizing their knowledge while catering to the huge demands of consumers.

Since the system launched, it has quickly garnered interest from various customers from different fields, including language education, generative AI, investment, programming, and NPOs. Furthermore, it has even been adopted by schools and small to medium-sized enterprises for remote learning and employee training.

In addition, leveraging the robust subscriber data management function of a powerful CMS system, comprehensive data analysis is utilized to segment target audiences. This involves implementing marketing strategies that foster interactions, aiding creators and enterprises in effectively overseeing their subscriber base. Simultaneously, it establishes consumer journeys and enhances customer experiences. This approach extends the monetization of knowledge beyond online courses, delving into integrated realms of both online and offline platforms to create diverse revenue streams.

"In 2024, our focus is on continually introducing new features while actively promoting the Havppen brand, " said "Firstly, we are set to launch a Marketplace-style platform, collaborating with third-party partners to integrate various tools for enhanced selective purchasing and modular options."

"Secondly, we will initiate the Starship Project, aiming to collaborate and promote with representative companies from various industries across Taiwan. By synergizing these two strategies, Havbeat Technology anticipates a robust expansion in its user base.

Utilizing no-code approach and equipped with marketing analytics tools, Havppen, the all-in-one online course system

Utilizing a no-code approach and equipped with marketing analytics tools, Havppen, the all-in-one online course system, assists branding companies in seamlessly integrating their online/offline and virtual/physical business, facilitating digital transformation
Photo: Havbeat Technology

Havppen, the all-in-one system of online courses

Havppen, the all-in-one system of online courses, aims to address the management challenges faced by creators, transforming website traffic into revenue
Photo: Havbeat Technology