Openfind works hand-in-hand with Chunghwa Telecom for 20 years to create Asia's cloud service brand

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Starting as a software service vendor to becoming famous in overseas markets, Openfind Information Technology Inc. has always been committed to the corporate culture of "Innovative Technology and Quality Service," and adopted the IDC service of Chunghwa Telecom ever since the first day it invested in cloud services because of its absolute stability and trustworthiness.

"Openfind started as a search engine and later turned into E-mail services with the vision of providing secure communication platforms for enterprises. "Said Openfind's Vice President of Cloud Service, Chiayuan Chang. The Mail 2000 product from Openfind that everybody is familiar with was launched in the year 2000, and not many people used IDC services back then; SMEs usually built their own private clouds when they needed cloud services.

Vice President of Cloud Service, Openfind, Chiayuan Chang

Vice President of Cloud Service, Openfind, Chiayuan Chang
Photo: TNL Brand Studio #9816

Openfind decided to adopt the IDC service of Chunghwa Telecom in an era when cloud was not yet popular mainly because E-mail was a very important tool for communication and file transfer for enterprises, and the most stable and reliable service quality had to be provided. The business of Openfind continued to expand in recent years, and it has crossed over from E-mail to comprehensive enterprise software service platforms to allow enterprises to ensure information security and company governance while introducing diverse communication tools to prevent data leaks, and perform proper archiving, improve regulatory compliance and conduct post-utilization analysis on the information generated during the internal and external message communication processes of the company.

In response to local demands, the efforts of Openfind are favored by the market

"We always say within our company that Openfind specializes in helping customers solve problems that major international companies are not willing to help them solve. "Openfind's Vice President of Cloud Service, Chiayuan Chang, mentioned that in response to the coming of the Personal Data Protection Act a few years ago, Openfind developed high-precision interpreting technology using local databases to effectively solve the data leak concerns and audit requirements for enterprises, safeguarding their information security. In the Japanese market, in response to the local regulation that requires listed OTC companies to retain their E-mails for five years, Openfind's secure messaging solution not only allowed the Japanese customers to comply with the regulation properly, it also allowed Taiwan enterprises to satisfy company governance or the information security requirements of upstream partners with the least invested cost using this service.

Such efforts allowed Openfind to receive many awards over the years; for example, the MailBase mail archive and management system had the number one market share in the Japanese market for 14 consecutive years and was deeply trusted by local enterprises. Openfind's Osecure cloud-based information security service even won the Best Choice Award for cyber security from Computex this year.

Openfind's focus on localized service and customer-oriented spirit hit it off with Chunghwa Telecom

Openfind has continuously improved its technologies over the years and insists on using real people for customer service; each customer service personnel has received years of professional training so that they can quickly respond to market dynamics and provide customers with the best service quality, and this business philosophy hits it off with Chunghwa Telecom. "As the leader of Taiwan's telecommunication industry, it has many businesses and it is a huge organization; however, whenever we had any problems, we always got the fastest responses. " Chiayuan Chang further stated that one of the most impressive things that he remembered was that once, a customer in a specific area reported that they suddenly were unable to connect to the service, so they contacted Chunghwa Telecom urgently to help them check the circuit and troubleshoot, and Chunghwa Telecom allowed the customer in that area to resume operation within a short 1-2 hours; their high-efficiency to solve problems in real-time was stunning. Chunghwa Telecom is also able to quickly identify the core of problems even in areas outside of the IDC service range, giving customers thoughtful feelings beyond their expectations.

Top-tier certified professional IDCs allowed Openfind to stay with it for 20 years

The partnership between Openfind and Chunghwa Telecom became closer in the process of growth and innovation. Chiayuan Chang said that in addition to its agile and meticulous services, the three main key factors why they continued to use the IDCs of Chunghwa Telecom are: Stable bandwidth, physical security, and information security protection. Chunghwa Telecom has unparalleled circuit quality; it owns 80% market share of the domestic broadband network, has the largest and fastest network bandwidth in Taiwan is over 17,900Gbps, has over 3,400Gbps international bandwidth, and is continually expanding.

Next is its highest specifications and certifications for physical security, including its protection against floods and earthquakes, 24-hour monitoring and multiple access management, early fire warnings, power dual feeder circuit, and N+1 backup, etc.; it has also obtained multiple high-standard international certifications including Tier 3 design, ISO 27001 information security management system certification, ISO 14001 international environmental management system and ISO50001 energy management system certification, etc.

In addition, the exclusive multi-layer DDoS protection mechanism, active detection, and real-time warning of Chunghwa Telecom IDCs can block large amounts of DDoS attack packets directly and effectively, and help enterprises mitigate network congestion caused by DDoS attacks. Its HiNet WAF firewall and DDoS offensive and defensive drills can also fully ensure that there will be no service interruptions. Openfind stated that only Chunghwa Telecom IDC services can block the various types of large-scale cyberattacks, such as DDoS, effectively; for example, flow cleaning is completed at the IDC terminal to prevent spreading to the end-terminals and becoming irreversible.

Photo: Chunghwa Telecom

Photo: Chunghwa Telecom

Chunghwa Telecom's strong brand power becomes the best assister for the growth of Openfind businesses

"Once the Chunghwa Telecom brand is mentioned, customers feel more sense of trust; this can save us a lot of communication time and increase the probability of success significantly," said Chiayuan Chang, the strong brand power of Chunghwa Telecom added a lot of value to Openfind products, and allows customers to use its services with more peace of mind.

As businesses grew over the years, Openfind also tried working with other IDC companies on small scales; however, after actually evaluating the benefits, it was discovered that Chunghwa Telecom was the better choice in both quantitative and non-quantitative indicators. For example, although the initial investment cost was higher when using Chunghwa Telecom IDC services, in the long run, the cost was 33% lower than other IT architectures or IDC competitors.

The deep local cultivation and multinational layout of Chunghwa Telecom help Openfind map out its multinational territory

Looking into the future, Openfind has more ambition in terms of operation and deeper application plans for its products and services; for example, using more IDCs and multinational remote deployment. Openfind is also considering applying AIOps (introducing Artificial Intelligence into operations) into daily jobs to provide services more efficiently.

Chunghwa Telecom IDC has multinational IDC partners that can provide rich domestic and foreign network resources and remote backup services to help enterprises quickly connect to the world; in addition, the innovative smart helper service of Chunghwa Telecom IDC can also ensure that enterprises have powerful support from the most professional teams when they are expanding their businesses, can quickly and easily add new IDCs and bandwidth scales, and obtain analysis reports on the statuses of cabinets and systems, building network operation environments with the best quality easily.

The two powerful companies Openfind and Chunghwa Telecom have worked hand in hand as partners for 20 years, when faced with the external changes from the continual advancement of science and technology and the continual innovation of corporate needs, we wish to continue working together to help enterprises transform toward cloud effectively and create the next business peak for Openfind.

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