METI is pioneering digital transformation with advanced AI sensor fusion solutions

Misha Lu, DIGITIMES Asia, Taipei 0

Micro Engineering Tech Inc. (METI), a Canada-based provider of digital transformation solutions, is riding on its innovative AI sensor fusion software solution. Founded in 2010, METI caters to multiple sectors, encompassing a diverse range of industries. Its extensive experience and expertise have anchored it in the North American market, and the company is now poised to announce its expansion into Taiwan.

"When we founded this company, we're looking to bridge the gap between the differences in the services and industries using geomatics or geolocation experience," said Mohamed Elhabiby, co-founder of METI, talking to DIGITIMES Asia.

METI employs cutting-edge technologies such as laser scanning, cameras, navigation sensors, UAVs, GNSS, data analytics, artificial intelligence, navigation solutions, software as a service, and cloud-based solutions to develop high-definition (HD) maps and localization systems for autonomous operations and capital asset management.

These solutions encompass multiple aspects by integrating the 3D derivative products derived from the HD maps with METI's Internet of Things (IoT) platform called Smart Infinity Dimensions (S∞D). The S∞D platform gathers and streams historical and real-time data from diverse sources and sensors, including vibration sensors, strain gauges, accelerometers, inclinometers, and document digitization.

"We try to work closely with our clients to see what keeps them up at night, where the problem is. When we find the problem and find there is a market and it is scalable, then we start providing the solution," said Elhabiby,

In pursuit of its mission, METI is actively seeking Tier 1 and Tier 2 partnerships to collaborate on further advancements and expand its market reach. The company is also keen to engage potential investors who share their vision of a safer and more connected future.

Elhabiby indicated that the decision to venture into Taiwan is influenced by the island's thriving semiconductor ecosystem, characterized by a blend of technology, services, and production capabilities. METI also recognizes the shared values and cultural synergies between Canada and Taiwan.

In addition, the METI co-founder expressed enthusiasm about the strong hardware production experience and the access to multiple markets in Asia and the Far East that Taiwan offers. "The ecosystem available right now in Taiwan is complementary, and there is a massive amount of synergies that will help us to come up with some solutions that can be used or jointly exported beyond both Canada and Taiwan," noted Elhabiby.

"We believe we're on the right track, and the rise of AI really is helping us a lot," said Elhabiby, commenting on METI's advantage in the age of AI. "We have been integrating AI into solutions since at least 10 years ago, so now this gives us a competitive edge." With the rise of AI and the solutions we have in place, this has actually put us ahead of other competitors, and positioned us very well into the new industry."

Currently, METI's main focus is its submeter level localization product called Gulo Gulo. The mmWave-enabled HD Map-aided perception-based navigation solutions for L4+ autonomous vehicles and connected vehicles navigation, according to Elhabiby, is expected to disrupt and revolutionize the auto industry, especially the navigation ecosystem.