Profet AI helps companies overcome AI implementation challenges, showcases Taiwan's outstanding global achievements

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Profet AI Global General Sales Manager Jonathan Yu

In just the past few years, AI has become a crucial part of many smart applications. Then there is ChatGPT, which has surprised global companies ever since its debut in late 2022. Many companies that were originally caution about AI have now dispelled those doubts and have embraced AI-driven digital transformation. For a company to adopt AI, it must first and foremost possess an adequate budget and a team of AI professionals. Secondly, it needs to identify a suitable focus area to optimize benefits within budget constraints and align with the operating team's expectations.

Today's world faces a shortage of AI talent. It is challenging for large companies to introduce AI, let alone small and medium-sized companies (SMEs), which often face limitations in adopting this technology due to their restricted resources. Profet AI's automated machine learning (AutoML) platform, bolstered by the IAPS accelerator, is dedicated to assisting companies in swiftly implementing AI applications. A unique end-to-end, no-code machine learning platform, requires only a day of training to initiate AI application projects within a week. This rapid onboarding empowers companies to swiftly cultivate their own AI culture. Currently, Profet AI boasts over 150 successful global cases.

Jonathan Yu, Global General Sales Manager at Profet AI, pointed out that while many companies have specific expectations for AI's outcome, their potential is constrained due to a lack professional data scientists or AI experts. These companies often run into difficulties, including a lack of knowledge about how to integrate AI or identify suitable AI application scenarios. Profet AI introduced the AutoML platform, drawing from the experiences of master craftsmen; by employing AI modeling, it facilitates technology transfer and demonstrates the value of data.

Tailored AI Solutions for Manufacturing

Taiwan's manufacturing industry commands a significant global presence. However, most AI solutions offered by foreign companies cater to the financial and retail industries, making it difficult to meet manufacturers' needs on products and technical support. That is why, at its establishment, Profet AI set its sights on providing better products and the most comprehensive technical services specifically tailored for the manufacturing industry. The AutoML platform integrates more than 50 machine learning algorithms commonly used in manufacturing. General field experts can use Automatic Settings to efficiently complete model training, while advanced personnel can use Quick Settings or Precision Settings to customize and create the most suitable model. As an illustration, when the third generation of the founder of Hai Rei Foods assumed leadership of the company, they harnessed the AutoML platform to usher in AI applications—a transformative tool for traditional industries heading digital transformation.

"Aside from budget and expertise constraints, the challenge in promoting AI for companies is simple: they do not know where to start or how to access project benefits. In the end, it is difficult to obtain operational team approval." He continued, " Our vast experience across diverse manufacturing domains positions us well. Ready To Go Applications now spans over 12 industries and more than 100 AI application scenarios. It can help companies identify suitable scenarios sooner and reduce AI project lead time. Companies can evolve from their initial project experience, and then adopt the most suitable application scenarios."

Collaboration with AUO and Hive Ventures for Global Outreach

With increased government emphasis on startups, renowned startup accelerators such as StarFab, TTA's IAPS, SOSV-MOX, and SparkLabs have entered the Taiwan market. In addition, the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) has long worked with institutes such as the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) to foster digital transformation among industries, driving industrial uplift within Taiwan. Yu believes that these trends will not only accelerate startup growth but also expedite market entry for products and services. Furthermore, public sector policies offer favorable development opportunities for startups.

Yu highlighted that MOEA-subsidized companies often partner with specific institutes to identify startups equipped with innovative technologies for digital transformation. In the long run, these subsidies not only facilitate traditional industries' advancement but also showcase startups' strengths, enhancing market reputation. This comprehensive approach favors sustained company growth over mere financial grants.

Profet AI has demonstrated impressive performance in Taiwan, with ongoing expansion into global markets. Its presence in the Japanese market, marked by participation in the programs respectively organized by Accelerate Aichi by 500 and Pre-Station Ai, includes strategic collaborations with Ubiquitous AI, with additional partnerships anticipated. The Chinese market saw the establishment of Aedgetech, a joint venture with AUO. With the combined strengths of both companies, it has entered the Chinese market and amassed a double-digit customer base. In Southeast Asia, Profet AI has already established its first partnership in Malaysia and is collaborating with Hive Ventures to explore the Vietnamese market. The company has also held overseas Crossover Talks to demonstrate the AutoML platform to local manufacturing partners, capitalizing on the huge business opportunities in the realm of smart manufacturing.

Profet AI's automated machine learning (AutoML) platform is like a

Profet AI's automated machine learning (AutoML) platform is like a "virtual AI data scientist" for a company
Photo: Profet AI