Holtek Semiconductor remains committed to the development of fire protection and security ASSP MCUs

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As life quality continues to improve, increased attention is being given to personal safety and the prevention of accidents in both homes and commercial premises. Safety related products are usually regulated by national policies due to their inherent life protection and property protection qualities. The security product development industry shows remarkable stability when compared with other industries and continues to exhibit good market potential and beneficial development value.

Holtek Semiconductor has been deeply involved in the security and safety product field for many years, during which time it has developed a wide range of special MCUs for fire protection, security and environmental detection. These MCU devices are seeing widespread use in smoke detectors, CO/GAS detectors, smoke and CO composite detectors and other products. One of the main features in the Holtek fire protection and security MCUs is their functionally integrated AFE analog circuit which offers a higher level of internal characteristic consistency. This greatly reduces the number of required external components with a resulting large reduction in product development time.

Holtek Semiconductor remains committed to the development of fire protection and security ASSP MCUs

Holtek Semiconductor remains committed to the development of fire protection and security ASSP MCUs
Photo: Holtek

Smoke Detector MCU Series

*New low-power, high-reliability MCU integrated solutions for smoke detection, meeting the requirements of the UL 268 "hamburger nuisance alarm test".
*Equipped with two sets of adjustable constant current IR LED driver functions, meeting the requirements for dual-wavelength detection.
*Fully integrated special smoke detection AFE circuit, effective on/off control of internal functions to implement efficient sleep cycle management which can obtain a 10 year battery life without requiring replacement.
*According to specific user functional requirements, different 8-bit device ranges can be selected. These include the general-purpose BA45F252xx series, step-up BA45F253xx series, step-down BA45F254xx series, event recording BA45F257xx series, wired networking BA45F255xx series, wireless networking BA45F256xx series and the 32-Bit Arm Cortex-M0+ HT32F620x0 series, etc.

CO/GAS Detector MCU Series

*Contains fully integrated voice functions, gas concentration display, temperature compensation, data recording, compound (smoke and CO/GAS) detection and other related functions to meet the needs of all-inclusive product designs.
*Includes an integrated AFE circuit and a highly integrated drive circuit requiring only a few peripheral components which can provide temperature sensor, LED or LCD display drivers, perpetual calendar, buzzer driver and alarm event recording functions to meet a wide range of functional requirements.
*Supports a variety of sensor types, such as electrochemical CO sensors, catalytic combustion GAS sensors (BA45F67xx, BA45F68xx and BA45F69xx series) and semiconductor GAS sensor (BA45F67x3 series).

Holtek Semiconductor continues to invest resources in the development of new security technologies demonstrating its commitment to improving MCU stability and reliability. Moving forward Holtek will continue to release new devices which meet market demands and regulatory standards. In support of this, Holtek has established a professional technical application team that can assist customers with their device selection, provide complete reference solutions as well as providing security and safety product development services. Having these Holtek resources to call upon will assist customers with their need to rapidly develop their competitive safety and security products.