Italian Startup Participating in InnoVEX

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Credit: ITA

The Italian Trade Agency is the governmental bureau that supports the business development of Italian companies abroad and promotes the attraction of foreign investment in Italy.

The Italian pavilion at InnoVEX 2023, organized by the Agency, will present 5 start-ups.

Read below what they will present at the fair and come to meet them in person!

Boatsandgo is an Italian innovative startup that has developed the first meta-search engine in the world to compare charter yachts, boat rental, and boat-sharing deals.

Users can compare deals from hundreds of sites and get the right boat at the right price. A meta-search engine designed to help the User easily organize a boat vacation (like Trivago for hotels or Skyscanner for flights). Users will save time, money and go directly to the booking sites.

Boatsandgo has developed a metasearch algorithm (2020) tested it and delivered a working MVP by the end of 2021. It is now running marketing test campaigns, getting early traction data.

Boatsandgo also offers a SaaS solution for those fleets and operators that are scarcely digitalized or not digitalized at all. This freemium software not only lists the offers of new boats on Boatsandgo and other partner platforms but is a full digital tool to manage all the business, from a booking manager to cashless payments, tools for websites, and many more features. The SaaS solution has been released for test in early February 2023.

The premium features will generate an additional revenue line.

The business model is based on three revenue lines:

• a reloadable pay-per-click system for those Users that are redirected to the dealer site and
• a 10% fee on successful bookings generated from those Users that closed a deal,
• Premium SaaS.

Boatsandgo addresses a huge market.

• The global charter and rental boat market has a value of 50 billion USD (source il sole24ore, 2020) and
• 7 billion USD in Europe alone with a yearly growth of over 6%.
The search for the keyword "rent a boat" shows a constant yearly growth of 20% on Google Trends.

My-Money is a patented and revolutionary payment system, completely biometric and
device-free. Credit card fraud is increasing daily, while 30% of the world's population doesn't have access to the Internet and 50% of people worldwide don't have a smartphone.

All our life is inside our phones, making it our biggest weakness. That's the reason why we have created a new payment system, making it extremely secure, easy, and fast.

Secure: no more frauds thanks to biometrics, no one will be able to clone your cards or steal your identity, because our system is based on the recognition of your fingerprint, and the biometric readers are FBI certified: this means that they are able to detect if your finger is alive, and if it is you: a fake fingerprint or a dead finger will not work.

Easy: everyone will be able to use it. No more barriers due to technological misalignment, or to the wealth or poverty of a country, or to the age of the user, or to disability: reach out your finger and pay, everywhere and anywhere, because you will no longer have to worry about having your phone run out of battery, or if you have it with you, or if you can afford the latest generation phone.

Fast: paying using your finger is a natural gesture.

No more queues at the entrance of the underground or at the entrance to the stadium.
With My-Money you will have the highest security level on the market today for payment systems and access to crowded areas.

From today, you will no longer need to carry a credit card, cash, or your phone to access these services.
All will be fast, easy, and secure. For everyone. My-Money: the world on you.

TimelapseLab is a Contech startup that designs time lapse devices for construction sites with a functional AI-based platform that allows remote site monitoring and generates professional time lapse videos for construction sites to use for reporting, marketing and internal communication. We help digitalize project management, HSE monitoring, and documentation of the site.

We combine the production of plug-and-play industrial devices, resistant to all critical issues with no maintenance or SD card needed, with a functional management platform for remote control of jobs.

We offer a system conceptually different from surveillance cameras: our devices take photos at regular intervals and do not record videos. Photos can be stored for years with no privacy issues or limitations. Our key features include alerts in case of dangerous situations (missing PPE), image certification, integration with other software, site comparison at different stages, and image analysis for reporting purposes. We provide precious information and actionable insights to our clients, such as the number of excavators or aerial platforms on site, number of people on site, PPE (e.g., lack of helmets), most and least active days, etc. Data can be drawn from customizable timeframes and visualization is easy to understand and share.

We also provide automatic timelapse videos and 4K photos for better marketing and communication, helping reduce costs, allocate resources, monitor safety measures, and achieve better communication. An integrated blurring software makes the system privacy compliant. We target several professional roles: HSE manager, Project Manager, Engineer, and Marketing Manager. We work in different fields: oil & gas, construction, real estate, industrial plants, and shipyards.

Travel Verse is a tech company founded in 2023 that applies the concept of Metaverse to the travel industry. We work with Blockchain, Digital Twins, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual, and Augmented Reality, Internet of Things. We give travel agencies and tour operators the possibility to represent their travel offerings to customers in an innovative way. We recreate physical structures like hotels or monuments in Virtual Reality, more extensive settings like islands or oases, experiences like diving or hiking, and so on. Travel packages are turned into immersive experiences with gamification elements, where users can explore tourist locations and facilities and get a preview of their future trips.

Visual Note produces an innovative patent-based device, that accelerates the guitar learning process, composed of a foil with LEDs to be applied directly to the guitar fretboard, a controller, and a mobile app to manage its functions. It's able to show directly on the guitar or onto the mobile phone virtual fretboard, where to put your fingers and thanks to the audio guide you'll be able to follow the rhythm. Bmodel is a subscription freemium app with the one-of-a-kind option to add a hardware device to enhance the experience. The product is on the market, the company has just closed several investment rounds, created an international advisory board (members from Carlyle, BC Company, Pai Partners etc. are involved), and signed a distribution agreement in Italy with an option for the EU market.

Credit: ITA