APD showcases innovative medical power supplies at CMEF 2023, garnering market attention

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APD Unveils Cutting-Edge Medical Power Supplies at CMEF 2023. Credit: DIGITIMES

The global medical equipment market has been growing steadily in recent years, and the market size is now close to USD $100 billion; according to research, China's medical equipment market size has now become the second largest market in the world right after the United States. Taiwan's leading power supply company, Asian Power Devices (APD), participated in the CMEF China International Medical Equipment Fair held in Shanghai from May 14-17, and showcased a full range of highly reliable medical power supplies on-site (Hall 8.1/A02). During the exhibition, APD attracted the attention of leading medical equipment manufacturers worldwide by showcasing their products' quiet and efficient features, compact and portable design, as well as their exceptional product performances.

Continual Innovation, R&D and Manufacturing Strengths Lead the Industry

Committed to the power industry for almost thirty years, APD has now become the long-term strategic partner of many global leading medical manufacturers. APD obtained the "ISO 13485 Medical devices Quality Management System Standards Certificate" in 2015, has been certified with the "National Grade High-thech Enterprise" qualification year after year, and was even honored with the title of "Champion products in the Manufacturing Industry of Shenzhen City" with its medical power supplies in 2023. The General Manager of APD's Power System Business, Rax Chuang, stated that: "The China medical market is extremely important to APD; we have continually and actively invested resources in product R&D design and factory processes. Winning this honor shows that the manufacturing technologies and processes of APD has reached leading international standards, and this is one of the most important reasons why APD has continually won the trust of global customers."

In order to ensure that its products comply with the latest standards of the industry in terms of safety, EMC, energy efficiency standard research and certification testing, APD invested large amounts of resources to establish laboratories for the highest levels of safety regulations in the industry, including the "UL safety lab" and "Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) lab", that can maximize the coverage and meet the certification standard requirements of power products by different customer industries to help customers launch their products into the market faster. Recently, with the enforcement of China's latest version of the GB 9706.1-2020 standard for medical power supplies starting from May 1st, APD also invested resources to study and interpret the differences in the regulations, and investigate the differences in product-related safety designs to ensure that its products comply with the latest version of the medical safety standard.

Diverse Power Applications with both Safety and Performance

As the construction of medical facilities accelerate after the pandemic, medical application devices are becoming more diverse and are flourishing. APD's highly reliable medical power supplies are now widely applied on devices such as ventilators, oxygen generators, humidifiers, monitors, infusion pumps, in vitro diagnostics (IVD), endoscopes, ultrasounds, electric hospital beds and electric wheelchairs. In addition, due to the development of the medical aesthetic market in recent years, APD has also invested in the application of various medical devices such as beauty instruments and hair removal devices, continually developing power products that can meet the diverse needs of medical customers.

Since medical devices have special usage environments, medical power supply products have more rigorous requirements for safety and reliability. All of APD's medical power supply series comply with global medical product safety regulations IEC60601 and UL60601 series standards, and provide 2 x MOPP insulation protection design; they also have extremely low leakage currents to maximize the safety of patients. The peak current of the power supplies is as high as 300% or more, able to provide a stable power supply even if medical devices have transient high current requirements. The best heat dissipation is also provided for the products; APD adopted CAE auxiliary simulation on the designs of its medical power supplies to optimize their cooling architecture and make sure the medical devices can operate safely and steadily. Optimized electromagnetic interference structure designs were also adopted inside the products to improve their anti-interference performances and safety. Meanwhile, APD medical power supplies also have high tolerances for electrostatic and fast bursts, as well as over-voltage, over-current, over-temperature and other protective functions, and are able to highly ensure the stability of medical devices and the safety of patients. They are also very quiet while operating, so are able to provide patients with a calm, peaceful environment while resting. In addition, APD's embedded power supplies can also be widely applied in other rigorous environments and still ensure safe and steady product operations; the safety of the products is outstanding.

The Group Continues to Expand its Production Capacity and Increase its Operational Energy

APD continues to grow and surpass the industry with an annual revenue growth of 15% using its profound R&D capabilities and stable and high efficiency power supply products. It has continually innovated its technologies, improved its production technology and optimized its processes actively, and the various plants of the Group have been fully equipped with highly automated production equipment, vastly improved its production efficiency and product quality. In order to ensure that the Group can continue to improve its production capacity, APD's new Shenzhen Pingshan plant was completed and began operation in September of 2022. This is APD's third largest production base in China after Shenzhen plant one and plant two, driving the expansion of APD's total production capacity to a new milestone. The General Manager of APD's Power System Business, Rax Chuang, stated that APD will continue to innovate its technologies and expand its global production capacities in the future, and use highly-efficient production services to provide the most competitive medical power solutions for its global customers.