STAr Technologies unveils 3D/2.5D MEMS micro-cantilever WAT probe card

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STAr Technologies, a leading manufacturer of semiconductor test probe cards, unveiled the new 3D/2.5D MEMS micro-cantilever probe card for WAT reliability testing. The Virgo-Prima Series probe card is designed and delivered for nanometer technology node process with extent performance beyond any known solutions in the test industry market.

STAr has been devoted to MEMS probe technology development for years and continuously unveils advanced test probe cards to meet various industry test requirements. The Virgo-Prima Series is specifically designed for minification process-ICs and is an ideal integrated probe card solution for End-of-Line WAT/E-Tests, In-line/process Parametric/E-tests, and reliability tests including HCI, TDDB, EM, etc.

With excellent physical characteristics, Virgo-Prima 3D/2.5D MEMS probes enable enhanced test efficiency. The low parasitic LC, low leakage current, and higher stability at wide operating temperatures range from -40°C to 200°C enable Virgo-Prima to enhance test efficiency with reliable measurement results. In addition, advantages such as small scrub, fewer particles, good alignment, and better probe mark will exactly reduce the test maintenance cost to industry customers.

Dr. Choon-Leong Lou, CEO & CTO of STAr Technologies commented: "Advanced node technology is increasing the requirement for cost-effective test solutions at wafer level acceptance tests. STAr Virgo-Prima MEMS probe card is designed to correspond to rapid application development and integrated key capabilities to deliver greater value and test performance to our customers."

STAr Technologies unveils 3D/2.5D MEMS probe card for reliability test

STAr Technologies unveils 3D/2.5D MEMS probe card for reliability test