Launching of Suzhou MEAN WELL Smart Park marks new milestone in becoming sustainable development group

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"I would like to thank the employees of MEAN WELL and the collaborating partners for their hard work in accomplishing this impossible mission during the hardest time of the pandemic," said Mr. Jerry Lin, expressing his gratitude at the opening ceremony of the Suzhou MEAN WELL Smart Park. Mr. Lin is the founder of MEAN WELL who initiated the Sustainable Development Group (SDG). For three whole years from November 2019 to November 2022, the Smart Park Committee and the collaborating partners put in a great deal of effort in finding solutions for all kinds of issues during their weekly meetings every Wednesday.

Built under the toughest conditions during the pandemic, the park embodies a significant step for the company in becoming an SDG. The SDG Group consists of MEAN WELL, PowerNex, and SHARE WELL. Established in 1982, the parent company, MEAN WELL is one of the few power supply manufacturers in the world that is dedicated to providing standard power supply products. Established in 1997, PowerNex is positioned as an equity investment company in the SDG program, aiming to integrate global power supply and electronic component businesses from the upstream, middle stream, and downstream industries. Whereas, SHARE WELL is responsible for developing green energy technology and power supply-related projects, as well as forming an industrial alliance in China. The opening of the Suzhou MEAN WELL Smart Park will further underpin the SDG Group's innovative development and market growth in China.

Located in Suzhou, China, MEAN WELL Smart Park was inaugurated on November 10, 2022.

Located in Suzhou, China, MEAN WELL Smart Park was inaugurated on November 10, 2022. The park will be able to produce 100 million standard power supply units per year, making it the world's largest production base of its kind.

Creating Stage to Exhibit Innovative Solutions

The total investment in the Suzhou MEAN WELL Smart Park amounts to NT$4 billion. Its total surface area consists of up to one hundred thousand square meters, which is 6.8 times the size of the Taiwan plant and 1.6 times of the Guangzhou plant. After launching, the park will have an annual capacity of one hundred million units. It will become the largest standard power supply production base in the world. This will no doubt fortify MEAN WELL's position as the global leader among power supply companies.

In addition to augmenting production capacity, the park also serves as a stage of implementing the visions of the SDG Group. The Suzhou MEAN WELL Smart Park is an embodiment of MEAN WELL's endeavors in the development of innovative solutions and products, as well as various applications in communications, safety control, and environmental protection developed by partners of MEAN WELL. All of which are being implemented in every building and corner of the park.

The 380V DC centralized power system has been introduced into MEAN WELL's Intelligent Campus in Suzhou to supply the power

The 380V DC centralized power system has been introduced into MEAN WELL's Intelligent Campus in Suzhou to supply the power required for lighting and various equipment in the park. The DC centralized power supply system helps save the use of numerous voltage conversion lines. The easy-to-set-up solution significantly reduces energy losses and demonstrates the feasibility and advantages of the system!

CEO of MEAN WELL for the Greater China region, Mr. Alex Tsai said, "MEAN WELL dedicates itself to fulfilling the needs of power conservation and carbon reduction of various sectors. We have developed specific direct current (DC) central power supply for lighting, and new innovative technologies in energy and management systems, and building automation. All of which provide benefits in green energy utilization and energy conservation. How these solutions are applied and the subsequent benefits of these solutions will be tested in the Suzhou MEAN WELL Smart Park."

Meanwhile, in recent years, MEAN WELL has been proactively promoting the 3+N System Solutions to help businesses quickly achieve energy conservation and carbon reduction.

Sharing Resources with Partners via EGI+ASI

The group showcases its SDG ambition and innovation abilities via the Suzhou MEAN WELL Smart Park. The main focuses of the park are on EGI (energy saving, green energy, and intelligence) and ASI ( digitalization, automation, and internationalization). The park consists of five buildings that serve multiple purposes, including serving as the headquarters and exhibition center of Suzhou MEAN WELL, and performing warehousing and logistic functions. Furthermore, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) laboratories that meet national safety standard have also been established in the park to improve the efficiency of product certification and provide more timely and effective services to support the needs of the group and its partners. MEAN WELL is one of the few power supply manufacturers that invests in establishing internationally certified laboratories.

It is also worth mentioning that the group provides much space in the park for the use of its partners to fulfill the original intention and company policy of SHARE WELL, which is "Share Resources for a Brighter Future Together." SHARE WELL dedicates itself to undertaking investment cooperation with green energy technology and power supply counterparts in China for market expansion, and group development. The current top ten development projects of SHARE WELL include manufacturing technology, warehousing logistics, building intelligence, green energy technology, automation equipment, SMT, magnetic components, stamping technology, wire technology and certified laboratories.

SHARE WELL has made a concerted effort to take root in the Chinese market

SHARE WELL has made a concerted effort to take root in the Chinese market.

It collaborates with businesses in the upstream, middle stream, and downstream of the power supply industry, living up to its motto of sharing resources for a brighter future together.

From establishing the Guangzhou MEAN WELL in 1993 and the Suzhou MEAN WELL in 2006, to opening the Suzhou MEAN WELL Smart Park in 2022, MEAN WELL has become increasingly engaged in the Chinese market. Nevertheless, MEAN WELL is just as keen to engage the Southeast Asian market.

Equally Engaged in Southeast Asia Apart from China

In 2017, MEAN WELL adopted an investment diversification strategy. According to Mr. Ted Cheng, CEO of MEAN WELL Overseas, the Bengaluru (also called Bangalore) plant, established by MEAN WELL back in 2019 currently has no more excess production capacity. MEAN WELL plans on expanding the plant to meet demands of the domestic market. Established in 2021, MEAN WELL Singapore is positioned as the headquarters of Southeast Asia. Furthermore, MEAN WELL also cooperates with local dealerships to set up factories in the Philippines. "Meanwhile, we are also evaluating the viability of setting up a plant in Hanoi, Vietnam, and another in Turkey," said Mr. Cheng.

As for regions outside China, Mr. Jerry Lin, who initiated the SDG Group, said, "Unlike the Indian plant which is set to meet domestic demands, the Vietnamese plant is an extension of our supply chain in China. It is supported by the Guangzhou plant due to geographical convenience and mainly targets the export market."

With the opening of the Suzhou MEAN WELL Smart Park and the launching of various plans, the business scale of MEAN WELL has become ever more ambitious. In 2018, the revenue of MEAN WELL amounted to US$1 billion. In 2021, it rose to US$1.3 billion. At this rate, the revenue of MEAN WELL may well reach US$2 billion by 2024 and US$5 billion by 2030.