With years of experience in medical power markets, Asian Power Devices showcases new products at CMEF 2022

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APD displayed the latest medical power supplies at CMEF 2022

The leading China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF) and the International Component Manufacturing & Design Show (ICMD) was held at the Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center from Nov. 23 –26. Asian Power Devices (APD) showcased its core products - medical power supplies, at ICMD (booth number: 11A10), and offered its advantages and potentials in its dedication and expansion of the medical power supply market.

Using strength to demonstrate extremely "safe, reliable, lightweight and low-noise" performance

As medical power supplies are the core components of medical equipment, their safety performance, usage life, failure rate and durability have always been the center of attention.

As one of the few medical power device manufacturers that own the "ISO 13485 Medical Devices - Quality Management Systems certification" manufacturing base since 2015, Taiwan's leading power supply manufacturer APD has spared no effort in the research and development of products. APD has invested heavily in innovative R&D in the medical power field. APD's China plant was not only designated a "National High-tech Enterprise" for many consecutive years, it even won the honor of "Smart Manufacturing Maturity Level (Level II)" in 2022. It received praise from its customers again and again because of its solid product quality and its R&D and manufacturing capabilities. Medical equipment has become increasingly energy-conserving, environmentally friendly, and compact in recent years. In addition to product safety and performance, APD has also used high efficiency, low power consumption, low noise, miniaturizing, and portability as the focus of their product development and designs. The results can be seen in the highly reliable 3W~500W medical power supplies that APD exhibited this time.

APD showcased the latest medical power supplies at CMEF 2022

APD showcased the latest medical power supplies at CMEF 2022

Durable and high-standard product designs

APD power supplies have product cases made with UL94V0 materials that are higher than the average medical safety standards to provide better safety, they also adopt APD's patented output cable structure design that can prevent ruptures and breaking of the cables due to bending multiple times to provide higher durability. APD power supplies also feature more compact designs to ensure that they fit perfectly with portable medical devices.

Extremely low current leakage with great cooling and anti-electromagnetic interference performance

APD's embedded power supplies can be used in systems both with or without fans, and have extremely low current leakage; this makes them safer for patients. The entire series of APD medical power supplies have optimized internal cooling and anti-electromagnetic interference structural designs, allowing them to have great stability. APD Product Manager Arch Wang adds: "APD medical power supplies also feature high static resistance, over-voltage, over-current and over-temperature protections. Therefore, they can better ensure the safety of the medical equipment and patients."

Resistance against large voltage fluctuations, low-noise operation with peak power up to 300%

Tolerance for large voltage fluctuations and therefore unrivaled reliability are other highlights of APD medical power supplies. When the power supply from the grid is unstable, and even when the voltage from the grid is less than 80 Vac, APD medical power supplies can still start up normally and supply power to medical equipment normally without affecting normal use. They can also handle large voltage fluctuations: the peak power of APD medical power supplies can reach up to 300%, able to use stable power to satisfy the need of generating large currents instantly for medical equipment. Their low-noise operation feature can provide patients with a quiet recovery environment.

Allows collaborative R&D and design, products are applicable to multiple medical fields

All of APD's reliable medical power supplies comply with IEC60601 global medical product safety regulations. More importantly, "Our R&D team can work closely with our customers' R&D teams from early research to final development in order to better integrate with the customers' products ahead of time", Wang noted, "Take EMI and peak load for example, through advanced testing with the customer, the equipment can be adjusted to optimal statuses during the earlier stages of R&D design to avoid design modifications and the corresponding increase in cost and time that come after the testing when development has been completed".

The high safety regulation standards and high collaborative R&D design capabilities of APD won the praise of its customers in various medical fields. Currently, APD's 3W~500W highly reliable medical power supplies can be widely applied for ventilators, oxygen concentrators, humidifiers, nebulizers, blood pressure monitors, infusion pumps, ultrasound devices, endoscopes, electric medical beds, monitoring equipment, in vitro diagnostic medical devices, depilators and other medical equipment; therefore, this exhibition attracted many major medical equipment manufacturers on site for interactive consultations.

Operation momentum continues to grow: APD's new Shenzhen Pingshan plant launched

APD continued to surpass the industry with an annual increase of 15% in revenue growth using its profound R&D capabilities and stable high-performance power products. Its ever-evolving technological innovations improve and optimize its production technologies and processes. APD is also actively expanding its production capacity recently. Its new plant at Pingshan, Shenzhen was completed and launched in September. This latest production base after the ones in Taipei, Taiwan and Shenzhen, China is expected to increase the production capacity significantly, using high-performance production services to meet the needs of customers in various fields around the world.