As PXPay Plus strives for 2 million registered users in just under 2 months, Chunghwa Telecom IDCs serve as strong technical support

Ethan Chen, DIGITIMES Asia, Taipei 0

PXPay Plus, a new addition to the electronic payment industry, was officially launched on September 1st, 2022. In just 10 days, the number of registered users reached one million people and is on track to hit the magical number of two million people ahead of schedule by the end of the year. The rapid growth of PXPay Plus is due in part to its system stability enabled by the robust support of Chunghwa Telecom's internet data centers (IDCs).

With Chunghwa Telecom's IDCs as service of choice, PXPay Plus can fully focus on its core business

Nick Chen, Manager of Technology Department at PXPay Plus, believes that while building its own server rooms would give the company full control over all operational aspects, renting IDC server rooms is, however, more cost-effective. Not only does Chunghwa Telecom boast the largest bandwidth in Taiwan, the hardware specifications of its IDCs also meet high international standards. Coupled with Chunghwa Telecom's highly experienced IDC maintenance and professional information security teams, PXPay Plus is able to fully focus its resources on its core business without any worries.

Chunghwa Telecom's IDCs provide a one-stop total solution that enables its customers to eliminate the inconvenience of managing multiple vendors and connection vulnerabilities. Furthermore, they can also reduce compliance risks and communications costs. In the event of future expansion, customers also need not worry about rising costs associated with labors, and environmental control and maintenance as the scale of their operations grows. PXPay Plus's ultimate decision to opt for Chunghwa Telecom's IDCs has effectively saved the company millions in costs.

Flexible bandwidth, information security, and network protection to deliver uninterrupted business services

"On the day of the press conference, the highest instantaneous network traffic was five times the current daily traffic!" Camel Lo, Manager of IT Department at PXPay Plus, indicates that the ability of Chunghwa Telecom's IDCs to quickly respond to bandwidth demand can effectively solve problems of sudden bandwidth shortages. He also points out that in the future, the company no longer has to worry about its system being overwhelmed due to customers' immense enthusiasm following certain marketing campaigns which often leads to subsequent customer complaints and negative effects on the corporate image.

Camel Lo also explains that Chunghwa Telecom provides multiple data centers as backups, featuring a high-availability architecture that is directly connected to the HiNet backbone network. This can minimize network transmission delays and allow the network traffic to be adjusted flexibly at any time without having to wait for the adjustment to take effect and risk interrupting the service.

Chunghwa Telecom's IDCs have also complied with the requirements of Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS), successfully obtained the System and Organization Controls (SOC) report, and provided DDoS protection drills, as well as DDoS protection services. With professional IDC service capabilities, complemented by each company's internal firewall, Chunghwa Telecom's IDCs provide customers with a level of protection where they no longer need to fear the network attacks. Chunghwa Telecom enables the electronic payment industry, which handles highly sensitive data, to create a high-quality and secure digital financial environment.

Nick Chen indicates that the company plans to double its technical staff within a year due to the rapid business expansion of his company. With robust support from Chunghwa Telecom's IDCs, the new staff shall be able to devote themselves fully to developing and optimizing system functions, thus aiding the company in its efforts to becoming a dominant player in the electronic payment industry.

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Camel Lo, Manager of IT Department (left), and Nick Chen, Manager of Technology Department at PXPay Plus (right)

Camel Lo, Manager of IT Department (left), and Nick Chen, Manager of Technology Department at PXPay Plus (right)