Innolux exhibits fruition of digital transformation and innovation in technology, product

Rebecca Kuo, Tainan; Adam Hwang, DIGITIMES Asia 0

Credit: Innolux

TFT-LCD panel maker Innolux hosted a special event to exhibit fruition of its efforts in digital transformation of business operation as well as innovation in technology and products, according to the company.

Digital transformation covers human resources, product development, marketing, technological value addition, supply chain management, array and cell processes, production scheduling, abnormality detection, equipment maintenance, security surveillance, quality control, and management for sustainable operation.

Innolux exhibited 39 items of fruition of digital transformation. For example, based on information on air cargo flights and marine shipping, Innolux chooses optimal shipment methods in terms of shipment cost and time; the company adopts the optimal packaging method to save the cost of packaging materials by 16.3%, equivalent to saving NT$186 million (US$6.1 million) a year.

With LTPS (low-temperature polysilicon) backplane driving technology as a core, Innolux has been developing key technologies for AM (active matrix) microLED display: Color conversion; selective mass transfer and mass repair; seamless tiling (in mosaic); direct fine patterning.

For application to VR/AR scenarios, Innolux has developed VR-use LCD display technology featuring an ultra-high resolution of 2,016ppi and a 100-degree viewing angle to reach PPD (number of pixels per degree) of over 32, with the display technology able to minimize visual fatigue and feeling of dizzy which are common to users of VR devices.

Besides, Innolux has developed multi-user naked-eye N3D (natural 3D) display technology for use in smart retail, smart medical care and education.

For innovation in non-display product, Innolux has started production of LC meta-surface antennas and, through combining panel-level packaging technology, has developed phased array antennas.

Unlike conventional dish antennas, LC meta-surface antennas can track satellites without being equipped with motors. Besides, LC meta-surface antennas are characterized by broadband, high directiveness, wide-angle scanning and low power consumption and thereby suitable for use in low Earth orbit satellite communications, autonomous driving, satellite-based IoT and communications for disaster relief.

In addition, Innolux has developed smart LC window, building glass featuring heat insulation, energy saving and permeability to light, and can customize it to meet desired sizes and shapes.