Ting Sin has orders visible until 3Q22

Rebecca Kuo, Tainan; Adam Hwang, DIGITIMES Asia 0

Aluminum alloy processing service provider and aluminum alloy billet maker Ting Sin has obtained orders for such services with shipments scheduled until the third quarter of 2022, according to the company.

Ting Sin hiked quotes for such processing services by 10% in February 2022, with influence on consolidated revenues beginning in March, the company said.

Currently, Ting Sin has over 60% of consolidated revenues coming from aluminum alloy processing services, over 20% from aluminum alloy billets and the remaining from leather belt processing services.

Shipments for orders for leather belt processing services are scheduled until the third quarter of 2022, Ting Sin noted.

Ting Sin has reported consolidated revenues of NT$110.4 billion (US$4.0 million) for February, decreasing 33.74% on month but increasing 85.81% on year, and those of NT$277.0 million for January-February, growing 28.39% on year.

Aluminum alloy billets

Aluminum alloy billets
Photo: Ting Sin