Highlights of the day: MiniLED applications gaining momentum


Apple is expected to soon unveil a miniLED-backlit iPad Pro, and its miniLED supply chain is ready to expand shipments, having improved yield rates. In the semiconductor sector, supply for packaging tools has been extremely tight, with equipment vendors reluctant to expand production, wary of possibly a lurking bubble in the market. And MediaTek is keen to maintain its leadership in the 5G phone market segment. The IC vendor has stepped up purchases of BT substrates for use in its 5G mobile SoCs to make sure it has enough supply.

Apple supplier to increase miniLED shipments for iPad Pro in April: Apple's supplier of backlight-use miniLED for the vendor's upcoming 12.9-inch iPad Pro will see shipments pick up later in April 2021, according to industry sources.

IC packaging equipment in severely tight supply: The supply of IC packaging production tools including polish grinders, wafer-dicing machines, and tape laminators has become severely tight, apart from delivery lead times lengthened for wire-bonding machines, according to industry sources.

MediaTek steps up BT substrate purchases: MediaTek has stepped up its purchases of BT substrates for use in its 5G mobile SoCs from suppliers including Unimicron Technology and Kinsus Interconnect Technology, as part of its efforts to expand presence in the 5G handset AP market, according to industry sources.