Focusing on automotive business opportunities, Conquer Electronics unveils a new corporate outlook

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With the automotive electronics market undergoing considerable changes over the past few years, the sector consisting primarily of electric vehicles has in particular become a major battleground where existing leaders and emerging competitors are all vying for a head start in the field. As an enduring brand, Conquer Electronics has continued to seek innovation and change in the past few years by not only updating its corporate visual identity system but also magnifying its presence in the automotive market in its bid to unveil whole new dimensions of business development with a solid foundation.

"It has been more than 40 years since the establishment of Conquer Electronics, but we are still operating with the spirit of seeking innovation and change," said Ms. Yu-hui Chiu, Manager of the Marketing Department at Conquer Electronics. "Now, in addition to ensuring our core business continues to thrive, we have taken the initiative to build our brand and promote our new corporate image. As such, we have not only updated our corporate identity system, but also introduced new elements to signify the perpetuation of our existing advantages while unveiling a whole new outlook here at Conquer Electronics."

Managing a brand is no easy feat, but casting away past practices of serving only as the OEM of reputable brands and focusing on R&D, thereby promoting the proprietary brand name and improving the visibility of products developed in-house, is what will ensure Conquer Electronics remains a formidable player in the field. This is a crucial reason that spurred Conquer Electronics on in the creation of an all-new corporate identity.

Apart from updating its corporate identity, Conquer Electronics has furthermore adopted a number of approaches that contribute to corporate reorganization, such as lean production, patent research and product development, so as to break away from past practices of being just an OEM for other brands. These changes have not only refreshed and revitalized the company, but also laid the cornerstone for entering new markets.

The automotive electronics industry is an area that Conquer Electronics has recently turned its focus to. Entering the electric vehicle industry in as early as 2016, the company's strength currently lies in charging pile-related products. Compared with Taiwan's EV market which is still in the preliminary stages of development, there are already more than 600 electric vehicle manufacturers in Mainland China that each require charging piles or chargers of various specifications and styles, presenting huge difficulties for those seeking to tap into this alluring market.

"The charging pile itself is an amplified power supply, which is something Conquer Electronics is already quite familiar with," says Yu-hui Chiu. "However, as charging piles for vehicle use require relatively high voltage and current and must conform to special specifications derived from their design, this has presented us with certain challenges as we seek to enter the market."

To adequately respond to China's volatile market changes, Conquer Electronics must diversify its product line and equip itself with rapid response capabilities, both of which require the cooperation of its R&D units and production units, to meet market demands. Moreover, to meet consumer demand for fast charging and to ensure safe use, the circuit breaker value of each product must also be carefully designed and tested, resulting in extra effort in R&D and production for Conquer Electronics.

Compared with the Chinese market, the European and American markets are relatively mature and stable systems in which, in addition to price advantages, quality and brand name are also highly valued. By remaining committed to quality and production capacity, over the past five years sales volumes have been increasing annually, signifying the affirmation of major buyers at home and abroad. For instance, five series of Conquer Electronics' SMD products, the 0603 and 1206 with LTCC technology, are not only winners of the Taiwan Excellence Award but also patented in 5 countries. A rigorous manufacturing process and outstanding product quality are moreover major bonuses for international buyers.

"The application environment for automotive products is actually more stringent. High temperature, vibration, humidity and safety all entail higher requirements." Yu-hui Chiu believes that, "Although it is not as easy to enter this market as you think, thanks to the concerted efforts of our colleagues here at Conquer Electronics, we have gradually gained a foothold."

In the automotive electronics market, it is quite difficult to go it alone; therefore, Conquer Electronics also seeks strategic alliances in hopes of developing the market together aided by integrated power. As such, it has joined the MIH EV open platform to obtain more support and assistance, which is additionally a good opportunity for development. On the open platform, some members are existing customers with long-established cooperation foundations while others are future partners. With the joining of abilities and advantages, members who form alliances are poised to obtain a strong voice and outstanding performance in the automotive market.

"The automotive industry is a fairly complete and mature industry, with certain standards and thresholds in every aspect of the business," said Yu-hui Chiu. "Collaborating with partners in other related fields can give full play to the power of integration as this enables us to each achieve better quality and enhance our brand awareness, thereby realizing mutual benefit."

In addition to expanding the scope of cooperation projects and products, Conquer Electronics also attaches great importance to the most fundamental aspects of business - materials and design. Not only has Conquer Electronics enhanced its own R&D energy, it has also cooperated with the Industrial Technology Research Institute and many other research institutions to identify more suitable materials and develop exclusive patented products. These patented products have not only successfully increased brand awareness, but also become powerful weapons for acquiring a share in the global market.

In addition to communicating directly with customers, Conquer Electronics also takes full advantage of various trade shows to increase exposure and opportunities for dialogue with potential customers. As Yu-hui Chiu explains, in the past, the company's brand image was manifested only in products that actually reach the consumer market. Therefore, participation in foreign trade shows can increase the company's visibility in the field of automotive electronics, and while demos cannot be made in a face-to-face manner at this time due to the epidemic, online meetings are still conducive to raising brand image and awareness.

As markets change, corporate business strategies must be adjusted accordingly. In particular, it takes considerable time and effort to build a corporate brand. Having achieved some of the targets it has set in terms of in-house R&D as well as product quality, the future focus of Conquer Electronics will be to become an integral part of the automotive electronics ecosystem through strategic cooperation, highlighting brand value with integrated energy, and showcasing other dimensions of Taiwan's vibrant industries to the world on top of the best-known ICT sector.

"In addition to automotive electronics, Conquer Electronics is also actively working on 5G, energy storage, and etc.," said Yu-hui Chiu. "With products that excel in quality, it is our goal to ensure that wherever electricity is used, Conquer Electronics will be there to help you harness this energy."

Vehicle-standard, ISO 8820-8 compliant, ampere rating: 10A-50A, voltage rating: 500Vdc

Vehicle-standard, ISO 8820-8 compliant, ampere rating: 10A-50A, voltage rating: 500Vdc

Vehicle-grade, ampere rating: 10A-30A, voltage rating: 48/63Vdc

Vehicle-grade, ampere rating: 10A-30A, voltage rating: 48/63Vdc

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