Highlights of the day: 3nm process development challenging


Both TSMC and Samsung reportedly are facing issues that are slowing down the progress of their 3nm process node developments. The foundry houses may have to delay moving their respective 3nm process to voume production. In China, distributors of chip resistors have raised their prices reportedly to reflect unstable supplies from the manufacturing side. Taiwanese PCB makers remain upbeat about demand in first-quarter 2021, but are conservative beyond that, judging from uncertain developments arising from a number of factors, such as the momentum from the stay-at-home economy.

Development of 3nm process challenging TSMC, Samsung: TSMC and Samsung Electronics have both encountered different but critical bottlenecks in the development of their respective 3nm process technologies, according to industry sources.

Chip resistor prices rising in China: China-based channel distributors have raised their prices for chip resistors though some major manufacturers have stressed they did not start the upward pricing trend.

PCB makers uncertain about 2Q21 on looming variables: Taiwan-based PCB makers are optimistic about demand growth in the first quarter of 2021, but are uncertain whether the momentum will carry on in the second quarter.