Highlights of the day: Apple reportedly prefers mini LED to OLED for medium-size devices


LED firms are generally optimistic about mini LEDs, expanding wafer, chip and packaging capacity for the segment. Apple reportedly prefers mini LED to OLED for its medium-size devices and will launch an iPad Pro with mini LED backlighting in the fourth quarter of 2020. For Apple's freshly launched iPad Pro, its suppliers are ramping up shipments for the new tablets, with their volumes to the vendor expected to rise 40% sequentially in the second quarter. With the needs for working and learning from home rising amid the coronavirus pandemic, IT devices, such as tablets, are expected to see demand pick up. And EIH is expanding production capacity for color e-paper solutions for e-book readers.

Mini LED expected to get significant boost from Apple adoption: Mini LED is expected to get a significant boost in applications as Apple is proceeding with R&D of devices adopting mini LED backlighting, and may commercialize more such devices in the next five years, according to industry sources.

Supply chain ramping up shipments for iPad Pro: Makers in the supply chain for Apple's just-unveiled iPad Pro are ramping up their shipments, and the volume for the new tablet series from the suppliers will climb about 40% sequentially in the second quarter, according to industry sources.

EIH expanding colored e-paper solution capacity for e-book readers: E Ink holdings (EIH) is expanding its production capacity for colored e-paper solutions dedicated to e-book reader and other new applications, according to company sources.