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EVA Air joins forces with Chunghwa Telecom IDC to deliver sustained excellence in the air

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Celebrating its 30th anniversary as a leading brand of Taiwan's aviation industry, EVA Air is not only named one of the World's 50 most valuable airline brands in 2019 but also ranked among Skytrax's list of the world's top 10 airlines in 2019. Its brand and service have deeply impressed consumers.

Keeping abreast of the times and technological advances, EVA Air embraces innovations and changes and stays connected to the world. It has joined forces with Chunghwa Telecom IDC to ensure its top-quality services remain uninterrupted and to make every flight a perfect experience.

It is general knowledge that the aviation sector often faces a race against time. Especially in Asia, airline companies engage in cutting-throat competition and thus strive for operation efficiency as well as service quality. As a leading brand of Taiwan's aviation industry, EVA Air offers a wide range of premium hardware and software services in the air and on the ground. It continues to expand its route network, connecting passengers to more and more destinations. Not only has it gained recognitions from passengers worldwide, it has also won numerous international awards honoring its achievements in flight safety, overall services and cabin amenities.

Uninterrupted premium services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Going into its 30th year, EVA Air is devoted to refining its passenger services in every way. For example, to offer passengers convenient and speedy access to its diverse services such as on-line booking or check-in as a way of coping with the large amount of passenger traffic during Chinese New Year, summer and winter vacations or a sudden spike in passenger traffic arising from flight schedule changes. In order to meet those real-time services, EVA Air, engaging help from Chunghwa Telecom IDC's professional consulting team, has built the most suitable server room and network infrastructure. "When planning digital services for our passengers, we need to take into consideration the requirements with respect to high transaction processes and information security architecture. Chunghwa Telecom IDC is able to meet our high quality demands for operation management, network performances and reliability so that we can offer EVA Air passengers smooth, seamless access to our website and mobile services from every corner of the world," noted Hsien-Yu Hou, the Senior Vice President of EVA Air.

In terms of hardware features, Chunghwa Telecom IDC's server room infrastructure is equipped with comprehensive protections against floods and earthquakes to prevent disruptions to network services in the case of such natural disasters. In recognition of its soft power, Chunghwa Telecom IDC has certified Service Organization Controls (SOC) report and received the 2019 Taiwan IDC Provider of the Year from Frost & Sullivan. Fully capable of providing professional server room services, Chunghwa Telecom IDC employs a team of professionals experienced in server room and equipment operations, a team of experts skilled in network surveillance and information security and a team of specialists focused on server room planning and consultation. Working around the clock, these teams provide one-stop total solutions for clients.

Services from server room to cloud enable EVA Air flights to bring people worldwide closer together

Staying true to the commitment to provide professional services, Chunghwa Telecom IDC not only helps EVA Air build server room infrastructure with expansion flexibility to accommodate future growth but also offers "Smart Hand" services, which include facility management and remote operation services. Furthermore, with remote backup being an important part of enterprise risk management, Chunghwa Telecom IDC additionally helps EVA Air plan future remote server room and cloud architecture. Leveraging AWS Direct Connect to help EVA Air tap the worldwide public cloud, Chunghwa Telecom IDC enables EVA Air to effectively connect global markets, significantly reduce network costs and raise system performance. With its extensive experiences in international data center certifications, Chunghwa Telecom IDC is capable of offering EVA Air consultation services on information system certification, allowing EVA Air to expand its footprint abroad while perfecting its digital services with even better quality, reliability and safety for passengers.

"For three decades, EVA Air continues to grow on the foundation of its commitment to safety, service and innovation. Going forward, EVA Air will uphold the same principle and exert all efforts to make itself a world-leading aviation brand and every flight an immaculate performance," said Hou.

About Chunghwa Telecom IDC, for more information, please visit website or contact customer service at +886 800-080-365.

Hsien-Yu Hou, a Senior Vice President of EVA Air

Hsien-Yu Hou, Senior Vice President of EVA Air

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