LitePoint 5G lab established to enable shorter time-to-market and higher productivity for customers

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LitePoint, a world-leading provider of wireless test solutions, announced recently the inauguration of its 5G lab in Taipei.

It is a customer-oriented lab designed to provide a complete test environment for 5G beamforming technology. With the Compact Antenna Test Range (CATR) and Far Field measurement chambers in place, as well as IQgig-5G - the first one-box test system in the world, the lab will help customers solve problems quickly with much shorter setup and calibration time.

To address the high cost of mass-production testing for the key 5G technology Beamforming, as well as the shortage of qualified professionals, LitePoint has invested heavily in sourcing hardware devices and attracting professional engineers for the test to meet the pressing needs of customers. In addition, the lab works with world-renowned chip manufacturers to provide test solutions that were verified and proven.

"We have long been prepared for the 5G lab, whose importance is self-evident," said Richard Hsieh, Vice President, Worldwide Sales at LitePoint, "LitePoint is committed to providing innovation and localization services for customers, helping them control the cross-ecosystem and supply chain, ensuring they are more capable in process manufacturing, and achieving shorter time-to-market, higher productivity, and maximized profits. This is actually the goal set for the lab."

For more information on LitePoint 5G solutions, please visit:

IQgig-5G - the first one-box test system in the world

IQgig-5G - the first one-box test system in the world

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