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Seizing opportunities in green energy development, PrimeVOLT inverters meet market expectations
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The global development in green energy has come under the international spotlight. Setting the goal of a capacity of 20GW for solar energy by the year 2025 shows the emphasis the Taiwanese government puts on green energy development in its non-nuclear power policy. Due to Taiwan's high population density and limited land space finding a suitable site for a 20GW capacity solar installation becomes a top priority.

To this end, an increase in the number of land-diverse applications in reservoirs, ponds, salt flats, fish farms, and detention ponds as a solar power station is noticeable. The potentially harsh conditions such as high salt spray and high humidity and their effects on the feasibility of such solar power stations have also drawn attention and aroused discussions.

PrimeVOLT, which has been actively working in the solar energy industry for many years and has established a prestigious reputation with the exceptional performance of their self-developed PV Inverters. The products' outstanding ability to withstand harsh operating conditions such as high salt spray and high humidity, has earned PrimeVOLT trust of investors and EPC in the solar energy industry. In addition to the largest market share in Penghu and the applications of their products for over five years, major projects with collaborating parties on reservoirs, ponds, and canals in Taiwan prove PrimeVOLT's leading position in the industry as a manufacturer of reliable solar inverter withstanding harsh environments. Accordig to Chuang Ching-Ming, general manager of PrimeVOLT, the future of green energy development in Taiwan is positive with market opportunity and potential. He also shares deeper insights about the product in the followings.

Aluminum die-casting and uni-body design help to prolong lifetime and improve aesthetics

Chuang points out that PrimeVOLT's PV String Inverter is designed for medium to small output kW capacity and meets the requirements of withstanding high humidity and high salt spray for the applications near water. PrimeVOLT inverters have thus gained a solid reputation as products of choice for power plant construction in such environments.

Utilizing aluminum die casting to create uni-body products is one of PrimeVOLT's core concepts. The absence of welding provides a tightly sealed design and waterproof function, allowing PrimeVOLT products to remain operational over long periods of time in adverse environmental conditions. Successful market strategies have helped PrimeVOLT break sales records year after year. The total combined wattage of installations for 2019 is expected to exceed 200MW. Growth rate over the past few years had always stayed above 50%, with certain years even achieving growth rates over 75%. In terms of domestic PV Inverter market share, PrimeVOLT has now climbed to the second place and is on its way to taking the crown.

With the launch of 75kW flagship models, high capacity product production lines are rapidly expanding

Even though String type inverters have advantages in better MPPT tracking performance, easiness of maintenance, and the ability to disperse risks of power losses when an inverter malfunctions. Photovoltaic power plants in Taiwan are inclined towards the use of Central PV Inverters for the quick installations and management convenience. In this respect, Chuang revealed PrimeVOLT's plans of developing high capacity and central PV inverters in alignment with market demands. For the time being, aside from continuously enhancing the competitive edge of PrimeVOLT's existing 3kW to 40kW string type models, PrimeVOLT plans to develop higher powered models this year.

At the Energy Taiwan 2019, PrimeVOLT will showcase its new string-type models. In addition to models with restyled exterior appearances, more compact dimensions, lighter weight, higher efficiency, and better cost-effectiveness, 60kW and 75kW flagship models are also going to be debuted. In the future, products with even larger capacities will be brought onto the market to meet the needs of clients after taking market trends into consideration.

Regarding long-term product planning, the R&D team, which has accumulated extensive technical know-how in the development of electronic energy products (uninterruptible power supplies/battery storage capacity applications), will dedicate their efforts to the development of renewable energy products (small scale wind/hydro power) in addition to PV Inverters that are even more competitive. The goal is to help clients realize improve efficiency and monetary gains with the use of innovative solutions that are designed and made in Taiwan. Aside from creating business opportunities through partnerships in the industry, we also hope to do our part in contributing to environmental cleanliness and Taiwan's future green energy developments.

For more information about PrimeVOLT or its products, please visit us at booth J0909a, Energy Taiwan 2019, or visit PrimeVOLT's website:

PrimeVOLT General Manager, Chuang, Ching-Ming

PrimeVOLT general manager Chuang Ching-Ming

PrimeVOLT new 75kW flagship model

PrimeVOLT new 75kW flagship model

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