TMYTEK offers BBox 5G development kit

Fisher Yu, DIGITIMES, Taipei

TMYTEK has solved two critical issues in 5G development - lack of R&D tool and expensive OTA testing in the production line - with their mmWave beamformer product, BBox.

The flexibility of BBox makes it an excellent R&D tool for antenna designer and protocol researchers. Leading institutes and universities have already used BBox to demonstrate promising technologies such as beam tracking algorithm optimization.

BBox can also be a cost-effective 5G OTA testing solution. As an RF probe, beam steering can be easily achieved in BBox to characterize the beam profile and the steering angle of the DUTs.

"We have talent rarely found in Taiwan startup team. By solving the above issues, TMYTEK believes we can contribute to the world with the technology we're proud of. In addition to mmWave experts, brilliant embedded software and firmware engineers are also in our team. That's the reason we can build our mmWave beamforming technology for 5G communication," Ethan Lin, vice president of TMYTEK, said.

TMYTEK, founded in 2014, has been focusing on mmWave active/passive components and system development. Phase array, mmWave circuits, beam control logic, beam shaping & tracking algorithm, and even baseband chipset integration are all in TMYTEK's scope.

Last year, TMYTEK won the first prize of CIAT accelerator program with BBox and received recognition from 13 venture capitals.