I-PEX ISH automotive SMT heavy duty connectors

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There are many consumer-related technological trends entering the automotive market in the past few decades: LED lighting, LCD/OLED displays, WiFi, Bluetooth, to name a few. I-PEX Connectors are known for connecting these consumer-based devices. Those devices are much smaller in the consumer market, so are the connectors. To use those small connectors in the automotive market, they have to be converted to Automotive Grade. The I-PEX Automotive Division has been developing its own connectors using its knowledge of the manufacturing process for automotive components.

The I-PEX ISH Connector Series is the first successful SMT connector using a 0.5mm terminal by I-PEX Automotive. This series was designed especially for the automotive market from scratch. I-PEX had heard that automotive device manufactures wanted to use consumer connectors, but they did not meet automotive standards, such as USCAR.

The ISH Connector Series was first adopted by multiple headlight manufacturers. They had high demand for high heat (125 degrees C) and vibration (10G) in order to be able to use on a PCB in ECU in an LED headlight unit.

The connection reliability is ideal for many other automotive devices such as inverters, converters, battery monitoring units, multi-view camera systems, clusters and more. The wide variety of pin options, from 3-pin through 20-pin (40-pin been developed), should cover design needs.

I-PEX ISH Connector Series